Wild fire!

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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod adds wild fires/hovering infernos to the game hovering infernos is a mob that was in the very first mob vote know as "mob d"it lost to the phantom to be added in the 1.14 village and pillage update. In this mod they are a rare mini boss mob that can be found in warped forest biomes they haves half the health as a iron golem (iron golems have 100 health this mob has 50) they drop a new item a hovering inferno crown! Right click on a block a it will give you 2 minutes and 30 seconds of fire resistance down side is you can't spam this item so its not to op. Make sure to check out my forum post look up mcreator mob vote 2021 or press my profile. And that's really it for the hovering inferno/wild fire mod feel free to leave any feed back or bugs.

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