permafrost biome

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This mod adds a biome that is covert with ice and snow, 3 new structures, 2 new illager mobs and a boss mob, 2 new ranged weapon, a new armor and toolset, new blocks and 3 new advancements.


The biome also has a small chance to spawn illusioner illagers. and 1 of the new structures also generates with an illusioner illager(but can despawn).

ice hut

The new illager is the ice wizard this mob spawns in the new ice wizard tower, this illager shoots with bullets that have high knockback and summon lightning on hit and the mob can also summon energy balls that explode when they hit you. The illager can also summon ice spikes and walls to protect from danger.

ice wizardthe biomeice wizard tower

If you kill the new ice wizard it will drop an ice amulet that you can use to shoot like the ice wizard. and later to summon the ice wisp

The other new structure is the ice temple. this is a grand new structure that is filled with things to protect the skeleton that can summon the ice wisp.

ice temple next to an ice wizard tower

To summon the ice wisp you need to get you're hands on an ice amulet and 3 ice shards that get dropped by the ice monks. You need the shards to turn off the ice altars and the amulet to give power to the skeleton.

ice wisp next to the ice monk


After defeating the ice wisp you get enchanted ice which when broken gives ice crystals that can be used to upgrade you're diamond tools and armor to ice tools and armor. These tools have a chance to not lose durability and the axe and sword also have a chance to deal more damage. The ice armor has a chance to negate all damage.

the new things added in version 4



I have a discord server where you can ask questions, talk or put bug reports if you want to do it there


This mod was made with mcreator.

Modification files
perma_frost_biome_1.19.2_4.jar - Big update and now in 1.19.2Uploaded on: 02/15/2023 - 12:34   File size: 547.29 KB
perma_frost_biome_1.18.2_3.jar - the mod is now in version 1.18.2 and some small updatesUploaded on: 05/28/2022 - 18:19   File size: 207.34 KB
perma_frost_biome_1.17.1_2.jar - Medium sized update you can see the changlog on the cursforge page or down beow.Uploaded on: 01/15/2022 - 12:45   File size: 195.47 KB
perma_frost_biome_1.16.5_1.jar - main versionUploaded on: 07/23/2021 - 15:46   File size: 160.89 KB

Changelog perma_frost_biome_1.19.2_4.jar:


ice armor: which has a chance to negate all damage.

ice toolset: which have a chance to negate durability damage and the axe and sword have been an extra chance to do more damage.

ice monk: spawn in the biome to protect the ice temple.

ice altar and carved cryptic bone block: use ice shards and ice amulets respectively to summon the ice wisp, spawn in the ice temple.

ice wisp: new boss needs to be summoned in the ice temple and drops enchanted ice on death.

cryptic bone block: a new block filled with powerful magic that gives nightvision when standing on it.

ice shard: is dropped by the ice monk and is a new ranged weapon. is needed to make extra ice amulets and cryptic bone blocks.

enchanted ice: a new block filled with powerful magic that gives nightvision when standing on it. when broken without silk touch will drop ice crystals (recommended to use fortune 3).

ice crystal: an item dropped from enchanted ice that can be used to make ice tools and ice armor. can also be used to make extra ice shards and ice amulets.

ice pillar: new structure and are small pillars of ice temples(don't have loot). 

the ice temple: a big new structure with decent loot, traps, hostile mobs and the site to summon the ice wisp.


ice wizard has heavily been nerfed and lost their boss bar.

generation chances have been altered.

the structures now spawn with a base.


Changelog perma_frost_biome_1.18.2_3.jar:

the mod is now in version 1.18.2



- there is the new mob the ice wall which will be summoned when the ice wizard is ad half health and when damaged.

- the ice wizard now shoots slower

- new generation


Changelog perma_frost_biome_1.17.1_2.jar:

-There is now the new mob the ice spike. (won't spawn naturally)

-The ice wizard will now have a chance to summon ice spikes around him wem hurt.

-There are now barrels in the ice.

-There are now powder snow patches generating in the biome.

-There is a new block weak ice and these also generate in the biome.

-And some other minor changes.