The Forager:Reborn

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Welcome To My "New" Mod TF:R. Here you can unlock many advancements and have some fun and {no, you cant see that} experience!


Whats New?

Version 0.2.5 Is Released!

The Mod Got Fully RESETED.(complete mod overhaul)

The Overhaul Will Be Restored In 5 Versions.(0.2.1-0.5.0)

The New Overhaul Includes (For Now) 55 Advancements, Hard Advancements, Medium Advancements And Easy To Get Advancements.


TF:R Huge News

Fianlly... New News About TF:R! There Will Be Some "Huge" Announcements Here!

  1. Possible TF:R 0.3.0 Release Date: December Sixth
  2. Comfirmed CurseForge Release: When 0.3.0 Comes Out (Hopefully)
  3. Complete Website Overhaul!


Did You Know?

  • Did you know that its the THIRD remake of "The Forager Mod" (The Mod Is Now Deleted)? The First Was "The Forager Mod", Then "Metalics", And now, "TF:R".
  • Did you know that at first i didn't want to make TF:R,but here it is.
  • Did you know that "TFM" was the SMALLEST of all? like, recipes of slabs, and a pair of advancements? is it even a mod?(but carl how did this thing got more than 100 downloads)
  • Did you know that the symbol of this mod is a green command block?
  • Did You Know That The Symbolistic Colors Are Green And Orange?


What Do I Expect From This Modification?

To Be Honest, Nothing, I Made That Mod For Fun, And I Dont Think This Mod Will Get A Small "Popularity" In This Community.


Modification files
The_Forager_Reborn_1-16-5_0.1.jar - Version 0.1128.42 KB
The_Forager_Reborn_1.16.5_0.2.jar - Version 0.2181.09 KB
The_Forager_Reborn_1.16.5_V0.2.1.jar - Version KB
The_Forager_Reborn_1.16.5_V0.2.5.jar - Version 0.2.5 .179.8 KB


New Things?-----complete mod overhaul with 35 new advancements that are:

  • "This Is Only The Start!"
  • "TFRAAM"---system badge
  • ""Getting Crafted'd"
  • "Farmer I"
  • "Farmer II"
  • "Farmer III"
  • "Farmer IV"
  • "Farmer IG"----system name-----"Farmer -I"----oficial name
  • "Farmer V"
  • "Planter I"
  • "Planter II"
  • "Planter III"
  • "Planter IV"
  • "Crop Harvester I"
  • "Crop Harvester II"
  • "Crop Harvester III"
  • "Gold Cover I"
  • "Crop Harvester IV"
  • "Hot!"
  • "Hotter That Ever!"
  • "You Wanna Cook?"
  • "Smelter I"-----system name-----"Wood Burner"-----oficial name
  • "Crop Harvester V"
  • "Crop Harvester VI"
  • "Crop Harvester VII"
  • "Crop Harvester VIII"
  • "Melon Cutter"
  • "Pumpkin Carver"
  • "Gold Cover II"
  • "Gold Cover III"
  • "Notcher I"
  • "Notcher II"
  • "Pumpkin Lightener"
  • "Potato Baker"
  • "EW!!!"



New Things?---12 New Advancements And 8 New Display Advancements That Are:

Display Advancements:

  • "Oak-Themed Advancements"
  • "Birch-Themed Advancements"
  • "Dark Oak-Themed Advancements"
  • "Warped Stem-Themed Advancements"
  • "Crimson Stem-Themed Advancements"
  • "Spruce-Themed Advancements"
  • "Acacia-Themed Advancements"
  • "Jungle Wood-Themed Advancements"


  • "Warrior I"
  • "An Oak Styled Start"
  • "A Birchad Start"---system name---"A Briching Start"--- oficial name
  • "A Dark Oak Styled Start"
  • "An Acaciaonese Start"
  • "A Warped...Start?"
  • "A Crimson...Start?"
  • "A Junglic Start"
  • "A Sprucesious Start"
  • "Miner I"
  • "Digger I"
  • "Choper I"