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In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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Welcome to The Moderator Phone mod! This mod gives you an Operator Interface, to change many settings very easily. This are the currently available possibilities:

  • World





  • Gamemode

Modify your personal Gamemode.


  • Teleport*1

10 Blocks XYZ add/subtract

5 Blocks XYZ add/subtract


Dest. XYZ




  • TNT*2

1* TNT

4* TNT

16* TNT


  • Effects*3




Jump Boost




Clear All Effect


Custom Effects ID:

Effect ID




  • Items4*

Custom Items:

We'll add it soon


Vanilla Items:

Combat Items






  • Operator5*

Preset Commands:







/execute don't click that button, it's not working and is insanely laggy it may even crash the game.



Custom Commands:

Enter an Operator Command, and the phone will execute it NO OP required! :D



  • Pause (Only Singleplayer)


Duh, that just resumes the game


Crash Server:

Crashes your game, saving from the last autosave.


  • Checkpoint


Sets the world's default spawn point



Does the same as a bed, only without bed.


  • *1Teleport

The Teleport tab, to teleport yourself to wherever you want, without OP required! You have the Teleport Modes:

10 Blocks: This will teleport you 10 blocks, to a custom direction/

5 Blocks: The same as 10 Blocks, only just 5 Blocks.

Custom: This part may be confusing. But it means that you can just enter the X, Y and Z, to define your destination.

Custom Add: This is a bit like the 10 Blocks, and the 5 Blocks Modes, but here you will ADD numbers to your current location, so if you want to Teleport like 10 blocks on the Z axle, from your current location, you will only need to type a 10 in the Z, and it will automatically just add it to the coordinates. Also works with negative numbers.

Dimension: This helps you switch Dimension without requiring a portal


  • *2TNT

It's basically just a nuker the settings mean

1* TNT it will spawn 1 TNT at your location (won't kill you in survival mode)

4* TNT will spawn 4 TNT's at once. Be careful, though, to not die to fall damage.

16* TNT will spawn 16 TNT's at once. It might launch you a couple thousands of blocks up, so remember to keep a water bucket with you. Also a nice way to practise MLG water Buckets.


  • *3Effects

It will give the User a Temporarily Status Effect. If you're familiar with the effect ID's, you can give your character every Effect you want, with custom Duration and Amplifier.


  • *4Items

A way to cheat items into Survival Mode. Not very important. May not include every single item in the game.


  • *5Operator

Helps you execute Commands, including some Presets for lazy people :^) 

If you're familiar with REAL commands, you can just execute them into a field, can be useful if you have no Operator Permissions.



Making this mod, took me... really long. And typing this whitelist of text too. I think i've spend liek 30 minutes typing this.

Comments and Stuff would be really appreciated. :^)

The Official Versions Site can be found at CLICK ME

Modification files
PhoneMod BETA.jar - PhoneMOD v1.16.5 BETA v0.16.68 MB

Version 0.1

-Added Time Control

-Added Gamemode Control

-Added Teleport Mode

-Added Custom Teleport Mode

-Added TNT Spawning

-Added Status Effects

-Added Custom Status Effects

-Added Items Cheat

-Added Combat Items List

-Added Valuables Items List

-Added Foodstuffs Items List

-Added Blocks Items List

-Added Tools Items List

-Added Preset Commands

-Added Custom Commands

-Added Server Crash Button

-Added Checkpoint Button

-Added Enormous Bundle

-Added Preset Command "/time"

-Added Preset Command "/kill" (BETA)

-Added Preset Command "/fill" (BETA)

-Added Preset Command "/setblock"

-Added Preset Command "/gamerule"

-Added Slot Void




It took forever to make! But i am very happy i've made it through the part. Happy comments (and angry comments) are ALWAYS welcome! By the way, please tell me if you've found some bugs, i am fixing them in the next update!