The Faether Dimension

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Minecraft Forge mod
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The Faether Dimension is my own twist at a polar opposite of the Nether mod. This mod includes 5 new biomes, a simple new ore type, and frosted villagers. I plan to update this mod in the future adding more features and bug fixes. (And improvements)


This mod's current features are;


     Mylium Grove

     Frosted Oak Forest

     Ice Spike Wastes

     Faether Wastes

     Faether Mountains

   Ore Type:

      Frozite, a material found in the depths of the Faether Dimension.


       Freezing I/II, causes damage over time for 90*enchantment level ticks. (if it was level 2 it'd be 180 ticks long or 9 seconds)

Modification files
The Faether Dimension.jar - Version 1 of the Faether Dimension mod.518.95 KB
The Faether Dimension 1.0 Release.jar - The Release version 1.0 of my mod The Faether Dimension. This version adds 2 new mobs, updated ui and frozen villager trades.1.42 MB

First version released.