Fry's Things: Guns and More

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Please use /refreshgun on each of your weapons and carbon armor after updating, to allow them to update their NBT data


Welcome to Fry's Things. The main goal of this mod is to add vanilla-style, balanced guns. (AND THEY ARE 3D!!!). It also adds a few other things, and much more is to come.

Everything as of currently


The guns are simple: you craft them and ammo at a new bock called the gunsmith table. You reload the gun (default key R) to put ammo in it, and they have durability. You can Right-click to scope in! It's toggle to zoom. There are three tiers of gun noted by the color of their name in the inventory (iron [yellow], steel [cyan], and carbon steel [magenta]), and all steel or lower guns can be upgraded into higher tiers.


You get started by creating the Gunsmith Table, which you can use to craft all your gun components, guns, ammo, and more! Heres the recipe:


You must upgrade the table to craft better guns. To upgrade the table: surround the table with ingots in a crafting table (kind of like how you crafted the table in the first place, but using steel or carbon steel ingots). You must upgrade to steel before carbon tho!


Some of my favorite guns:

- Heavy pistol (This one is basically a super powerful desert eagle.)

- Compact SMG (A really cool SMG)

- Sniper rifle (A long rifle with a lot of zoom)

- Combat shotgun (A spas-12 style semi auto shotgun)

- Old-world revolver (An old fashioned revolver with cool engravings)

There are a total of around 30 guns in this mod. Yet, it doesn't feel like too much.



Default reload key is R. You can switch between ammo types for the shotguns by pressing X by default.

Guns can zoom by right clicking (as of 2.0.0)


You can also upgrade guns (see recipes below).


You can repair guns as well, simply by crafting a repair bench (in the gunsmith table) and putting the gun in, and any part used to originally craft it!


In addition to guns, there are also ores, blocks, tools, and certain other small additions.

I thought that gunpowder was difficult to get for this mod. Crafting ammo would be very expensive without another way to craft it. So: I added Sulfur.

You can find Sulfur anywhere underground in stone. It can also be found in the sand in deserts, and in the Nether.

Crafting a bone meal, a sulfur, and a coal or charcoal will create one gunpowder. You can also use sulfur to make matches for lighting fires.


There are also flint tools, and steel tools and armor. As well as a carbon-steel pickaxe, and diamond-tipped variant.


Recipes, credits, and etc are on the curseforge page:

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FrysThings-2.1.0.jar - Fry's Things Guns 2.1.0Uploaded on: 01/07/2022 - 23:34   File size: 3.99 MB

Check curse, lots of cool stuff

You had so much luck to win MOTW. Congratulations. 🎉
I wish I had same luck with my mod.

My advice is three things.
First, if you don’t know Java for Minecraft already, learn it. I have currently moved all my guns to left click and am just patching a few things before releasing an update. That wouldn’t be possible without using java instead of the built in stuff, neither would the animations, neither would most of this mod tbh.
Second, advertise. Go on Reddit and post your mod, see what people think, change things, and advertise again.
Thirdly, and very importantly, shape your mod to be exactly what you want. NEVER settle for less than the best possible. If that requires 20 hours of coding, do it. That’s how long getting my guns to shoot on left click took, that’s half as long as it took for me to make animations. And then keep updating along the way, showing people you care about the mod and that you’re actively working on it.
Good luck, my friend. I’m sure you’ll get MOTW eventually