Fry's Things: Guns and More

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Welcome to Fry's Things. The main goal of this mod is to add vanilla-style (ish) and balanced guns (AND THEY ARE 3D!!!). It also adds a few other things, and lots are planned.

Everything as of 0.1.3


The guns are simple: you craft them, and craft ammo. You reload the gun (default key R) to put ammo in it, and they have durability. There are three tiers of gun noted by the color of their name in the inventory (iron [yellow], steel [cyan], and carbon steel [magenta]), and all steel or lower guns can be upgraded into higher tiers. The current guns so far:

  • Flintlock pistol (Simple, all-rounded iron gun. Upgradeable) Single shot
  • Musket (Better range, better damage, but slower. Upgradeable) Single shot
  • Blunderbuss (Shoots a spread of pellets, dealing massive damage at close range.) Single shot, 6 pellets
  • Pepperbox (Shoots up to 6 musket balls in quick succession.) 6 shots
  • Revolver (A steel-tier weapon, shoots faster than most weapons, and does moderate damage.) 6 shots
  • Lever-Action Carbine (A steel-tier rifle with good accuracy and damage, at the expense of fire rate.) 5 shots
  • Double Barrel Shotgun (Steel-tier shotgun that holds 2 bullets. Shoots either Shells or Slugs.) 2 shots
  • Pistol (A premium carbon steel weapon, firing bullets at a high firerate and dealing slightly less damage.) 12 shots
  • Light Machine Gun (A premium carbon-steel machine gun, featuring a fast firerate and decent damage, just not as accurate, and takes up a lot of ammo quickly) 40 shots
  • Combat Shotgun (A premium shotgun that fires very fast.) 8 Shots
  • Double Action Revolver (The revolver has special upgrades, unlike most guns. This is one of them, prioritizing fire rate) 6 shots
  • Heavy Revolver (The other revolver, which specializes in shooting at a farther range and dealing more damage) 6 shots

Default reload key is R. You can switch between ammo types for the shotguns by pressing X by default.


There are also quite a few more guns planned, especially in the steel and carbon steel tiers. You upgrade a gun like so:

 Iron to steel upgrade


steel to carbon steel upgrade


In addition to guns, there are also ores, blocks, tools, and certain other small additions.

I thought that gunpowder was difficult to get for this mod. Crafting ammo would be very expensive without another way to craft it. So: I added Sulfur.

You can find Sulfur anywhere underground in stone. It can also be found in the sand in deserts, and in the Nether.

Crafting a bone meal, a sulfur, and a coal or charcoal will create one gunpowder. You can also use sulfur to make matches for lighting fires.


There are also flint tools, and steel tools and armor. As well as a carbon-steel pickaxe, and diamond-tipped variant.

Recipes, credits, and etc are on the curseforge page:

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