ChickenDoodle's FNAF mod

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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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This Mod is still in major development! There may be some artifacts still left in from my testing, and there may also be some quirks.


This mod adds in fully craftable animatronics from FNAF.

Current statue Animatronics:

   FNAF 1 Freddy

   FNAF 1 Chica

   FNAF 1 Bonnie

   FNAF 1 Foxy

Current Mobs:


   Child Spirit

Other Blocks/mod items:

   Wall Block 1

   Wall Block 2



   Gasoline Canister


   Remnant Ingot

   Bottled Remnant

   SpringBonnie Springlock suit

   Fredbear Springlock suit

   Fire Axe

   Red Iron Ingot

   Fnaf 1 Chair

   Fnaf 1 Party Table

   Pizza Box


   EndoT1 Spawn


   Vent Duct blocks



   Security Door


   Dim Light Block

   Red button

   Redstone Inwall Wire


   Cardboard Cloud

   Metal Table

   Wooden Barricade

(all animatronic parts and pieces)




Made using "mcreator" and "BlockBench"

models and mod made by ChickenDoodle925

Modification files
ChickenDoodle's Fnaf Mod.jar - This mod adds in animatronics and decor from the popular game series; "Five Nights At Freddy's"372.72 KB
ChickenDoodle's Fnaf Mod v1.1.jar - ChickenDoodle's Fnaf Mod Update v1.1528.87 KB
ChickenDoodle's Fnaf Mod v1.2.jar - ChickenDoodle's Fnaf Mod Update v1.2834.8 KB

adds springlock suits (SpringBonnie, Fredbear, and Default), Crafting recipes for springlock suits, spring, spring recipe, Fire Axe, Fire Axe Recipe, Red Iron Ingot(used for crafting), Red Iron Ingot Recipe, Remnant, Remnant Ingot(obtained by killing EndoT1), Bottled Remnant, Bottled Remnant Brewing Recipe, Gasoline, Gasoline Canister, Gasoline Canister Recipe, Lighter, Lighter Recipe.

v1.2 - 


Chair1, Chair1 Recipe, Table1, table 1 recipe, freddys pizza box, pizza box recipe, pizza, pizza recipe, cardboard, cardboard recipe, craftable living endo, vent duct wall, vent duct wall recipe, vent duct floor, vent duct floor recipe, vent duct slab, vent duct slab recipe, vent cover, vent cover recipe, monitor, monitor recipe, computer, computer recipe,  security door, security door recipe, WIP flashlight, flashlight recipe, invisible dim light block, red button, red button recipe, redstone inwall wire, redstone inwall wire recipe, invisible dark air, cardboard cloud decor, cardboard cloud recipe, metal table, metal table recipe, child spirit, wooden barricade, wooden barricade recipe, changed EndoT1 model.