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     Hello, welcome to my mod, RC Artifacts.  You may be wondering what the “RC'' in RC Artifacts stands for. It stands for right-click.  I chose this because that’s how most of the items are activated.  It also sounded better than just “Artifacts”.  RC Artifacts is a small mod (less than 100 mod elements) about crafting and collecting various artifacts with unique abilities.  My main design for this mod was to have it incorporated into larger modpacks that lean more toward combat and PvE.  Second, I will update this mod to newer versions of Minecraft eventually.  I released it for 1.12.2 because that's the version I started creating it with.


4 Tiers of Heart Pendants.  Right-Clicking restores various amounts of health.

  • Wooden: 1 Heart (2 HP)
  • Iron: 2 Hearts (4 HP)
  • Gold: 3 Hearts (6 HP)
  • Diamond: 4 Hearts (8 HP)


3 Tiers of Regeneration Items that will provide slight regeneration when above certain light levels.

  • Tree Totem: Regen in sunlight
  • Reinforced Leaf: Regen and Resistance in bright light
  • Moon Flower: Regen, Resistance, and Luck in moonlight


Some unique items that only drop from certain mobs or blocks.  I want to keep these a surprise but these are the mobs /blocks they drop from.

  • Zombie: attack
  • Creeper: attack
  • Wither Skeleton: healing
  • Grass: luck


 Some items focused on springs.

  • Spring: For crafting and higher Springboard bounces
  • Springy iron boots:  Bounce around the land
  • Springboard: Directional Bouncing
  • Diamond Springboard: Stronger directional bouncing and fall resistance


Miscellaneous items

  • Chain: for crafting
  • Monitor Pendant: Shows health to three decimals
  • Balloon: Slow falling, while it lasts
  • Popped Balloon: Sad but can be repaired


There were several advancements but they broke so I removed them until I can fix them.


Q / A

Q: Can I use this in my Modpack?

A: Go for it, all I ask is give credit where it is due.


Q: What if I want to use this mod in a pre-existing world?

A: I designed RC Artifacts so that it adds no new worldgen and can be used in existing worlds worry-free.


Q: Will you update the mod?

A: Yes, but it will be for a newer version of Minecraft. I may just re-release it as “RC Artifacts 2” or something.


Q: Which version?

A: The newest one Mcreator supports.


Modification files
RC_Artifacts V1.0.0.jar - RC Artifacts V1.0.0318.45 KB