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Minecraft Forge mod
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A simple mod adding useful and balanced rings to Minecraft.



Knife Recipe

Netherite Knife Recipe

  • Knives can be made in Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Netherite varieties.
  • Knives are faster, but weaker than swords, and have less durability.
  • Gems can be cut by right clicking with a knife and the gem in your offhand.
  • Diamonds, Emeralds, and Lapis Lazuli can be cut to give the cut gem and some XP, at the cost of the knife's durability.

Gold Ring

Gold Ring Recipe

Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring Recipe

  • This ring serves the purpose of making better rings.

Emerald Ring

Emerald Ring Recipe

  • This ring currently has no use. (Plans on making it attract Villagers to you, and/or give better trades).

Ender Ring

Ender Ring Recipe

  • When held in offhand, this ring provides a speed boost while sprinting, but also blindness unless you are in the End dimension.

Anvil Ring

Anvil Ring Recipe

  • When held in offhand, taking fall damage will activate an anvil attack that deals damage when you are wearing armor.
  • The attack gets stronger the better armor you wear.

Netherite Ring

Netherite Ring Recipe

  • When held in offhand, provides Fire Resistance.
  • The ring is immune to fire itself.

Fisherman's Ring

Fisherman's Ring Recipe

  • When held in offhand, grants bonus fishing XP, and gives luck while in the overworld.

Guardian Ring

Guardian Ring Recipe

  • When held in offhand, gives enhanced swimming / underwater vision, as well as immunity to Mining Fatigue.
  • Crafted with the Elder Guardian Eye, a new drop from the Elder Guardian.

Nether Star Ring

Nether Star Ring Recipe

  • When held in offhand, gives immunity to Wither and Poison effects.


Modification files
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