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This may look like an ore pack but it isn't an ore. This new material is not obtainable from an ore. You have to smelt iron in a furnace with coal and you get the new material, Steel. I know steel is a common mod but there is more too it. About this mod, it will add a new material, a 2 new blocks, a new storage block, 3 new items, new tools and armor. The tools and armor are slightly stronger than iron. The block has the texture of the criss-cross pattern on metal sheets and if you use the new item, sandpaper on a steel block in the crafting table, it will create a new block called Smooth Steel Block. With these blocks, you can create a safe and keep you items safe and only be accessible if you have the second new item the key. If you feel there should be more in this mod, let me know. I'll appreciate your comments.

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Steel Mod 1.12_0.zipUploaded on: 08/14/2020 - 00:34   File size: 69.03 KB


Mod created

-Including 1 item, 5 tools, 4 armor units, 1 block

-Steel ingot, made by smelting iron ingot with coal

-Steel tools and armor, slightly stronger than iron

-Steel block, more of a decoration and is created by 9 steel ingots


-Added 1 block, 1 storage block, 2 items

-Smoothed Steel Block, a smoother looking version of the first steel block

-Sandpaper, used to create the smoothed steel block

-Safe, a storage block with up to 18 slots of 64 blocks of storage. Can only be unlocked with a key

-Key, an item used to open the safe. Without it, you can't open the new safe block


-Changed slipperiness of smoothed steel block (I noticed it had a value of 0.2 instead of 0.6)

-Changed pickaxe texture. 

-Changed chestplate textures

-Added advancement "Acquire Better Hardware"

-Added advancement "Safe Keeping"

I had a thought, why am I making patches for a mod that has 0 downloads?


-Added new item, the cap

-Added new weapon, the battle axe made using 2 sticks, 4 steel ingots and a cap 

Just look at your description, good ideas! Smelt iron to obtain steel and criss cross pattern for the block. But you are right there is a lot of mod like that i suggest you to try to be original if you want to continue this mod

I changed my mod and got rid of the testing portion of my description and made steel more than just a now material that make tools and armor

I'm back and updated my mod to add more to the steel mod. I'm requesting an other review