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Published by DEFAYRUS on Sat, 11/13/2021 - 08:20
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Welcome to my mod!
Introducing Extended Vanilla!
In this mod, I present an expanded set of blocks, items and the embodiment of some of the ideas and wishes of the players. This mod is a small extension for your regular adventure, and can be added to a vanilla-themed build.
With this mod you can multiply your resources, create new ones, create armor, items and tools for volumetric passage. Create buildings from new blocks, use tools, explore new biomes and dungeons, be amazed at ideas that have been heard and now in reality.
It is also recommended to install JEI and Extended Vanilla: Wild Addon. https://mcreator.net/modification/81326/extended-vanilla-wild-addon


Modification files
Extended Vanilla v0.1_8.jar - Extended Vanilla 0.11002.91 KB
Extended Vanilla v0.2_0.jar - Extended Vanilla 0.2 1.03 MB

Update 0.1 09.11.21

Added Bronze Grinder.

Added bronze tools.

Correction of minor bugs.

Added recipe for steel.

Added Gold Dust.

Update 0.1 10.11.21 Changed

fuel balance.

Vote what will be added in 0.1.

Added Iron Crusher.

Update 0.1 12.10.21

Removed bauxite ore, aluminum and aluminum dust.

Removed bronze and iron crushers.

Added a wooden box in which blocks can be stored.

Added a wooden and steel mace (5.5 damage \ 8 damage over 0.8 seconds).

Update 0.1 14.11.21
Added Weeping Obsidian and Magma Ingots. They can be obtained by smelting the corresponding blocks in a smelting furnace (smelting Obsidian-1000tik, magma-500)
Ideas of what can be made of them: Tools (Obsidian is better than Diamond, Magma is on a level with stone-iron), Magma furnace (Described above), combine 2 of these ingots and get a strange magma alloy (unlikely, because you have to make dust for each for an alloy, and obsidian is not a crushable substance, magma is the same, or create a special spawning block for steel or bronze, but there is no benefit from such an alloy yet.)

Added biome Extra mountains \ Floating islands \ Great mountains - Spawns a little infrequently, it is better to have normal PC performance, because it is almost considered a type of the Advanced world. In this biome there are tropical type trees, but the trunk is from a dark tree
Added Lone Torch structure. Can be found in Nether in Deserts of Souls and Bloody Forest, in the normal world: In the Great Mountains biome. In the chest loot: Weeping

Obsidian Ingot, Magma Ingot and Cobblestone. Randomly included! 

Found a problem with loot in the structure. There is a stage of complete rework and changes. Expect, soon fix.

Also, a new plant and a hellish furnace are coming soon.
The mod is expected to be released by the end of this month.

Added Magma Furnace.

Added Horse Meat and Fried Horse Meat.

Added Obsidian items (no armor yet)

Update 0.1 18.11.21

Added Dark Planks (not yet available in Survival).

Added Reinforced Sand Bricks.

Updated texture for Tin Ore.

Added Bronze, Copper, Steel and Tin nuggets.

Added half-blocks and steps from Andesite, Diorite, Granite, Stone and Fortified bricks.

Added Bamboo Stem Block.

Changed the balance in Coinage: Coins are now crafted from nuggets.

Changing the balance of the Magma Furnace.

Bug fixes for the Bamboo Stalk Block.

Added Ruby and Ruby Ore.

Added items and a ruby ​​block; plans are in progress for its need.

Update 21.11.21

Added Extended Vanilla Wild Addon adding new biomes (Rainy Forest, Big Forest, Wild West)

Added mob: Ruby Guardian. Appears in the Void. Ruby drops out.

Update 0.1 11/21/21 Added addon Vanilla Wild Expanded, adding new biomes (Rainy Forest, Big Forest, Wild West) Added mob: Ruby Guardian. Appears in the Void. Ruby drops out. Improved Lone Torch BUT ... cannot be crafted inside chests. As long as the Torch remains that way. Numerous fixes in the behavior and generation of mobs.

Update 0.1 24.11.21

Added chocolate and chocolate chips.

Added flour.

A maple tree and syrup test is performed.

Update 0.1 24.11.21

 Added Copper Pipe (test version).

 Bug fixes with visual display of textures.

 Fixed a bug with crushing wheat in the Stone Grinder.

Update 0.1 11.25.21

Removed Dark Planks.

 Removed Maple tree logs, planks, and foliage.

 Added new types of bricks: Large clay brick, Basalt mini and ordinary bricks, Blackite mini bricks, Ender mini bricks.

Update 0.1 26.11.21

 Added Steel Tools.

Extanded Vanilla 0.1 is out!
Available at MCreator!
Announcement: Version 0.2 will be an update to Nether.

Update 0.2 28.11.21

Updated the texture of the Crate.

 Fix for Magma Furnace error (Smelting Bronze Dust produced 3 ingots)

Announcement: The addition of honey cake \ Nezer cake is expected.

New ingots: Copper and Tin ingots (like copper from 1.17), Bronze (like netherite), Steel remains the same. Copper and Tin have been completely reworked.

Updated texture of Mini Basalt Bricks.

Update 0.2 11/29/21

Bamboo stalks can now be used as fuel (500 ticks).

 The texture of the Steel Ingot has been updated, the texture of the Copper and Tin ores has been restored. The texture of the Copper Ingot has been finally updated.

Added Nether Plant Soup.

Added Bag (Test version).

Fixed a bug with the stacking capacity of Nether soup.

Fixed textures for Iron and Gold dust.

Development plan for a copper-redstone signal source.

Update 0.2 11/30/21

Changing the balance of the Bag-Removed 2 slots.

Added Reinforced Redstone Block.

Added smelting recipes for Dust and Ore in the Smelter.