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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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lolcraft is a fun mod that features of automation, new blocks, bioms, mobs, ores, storage, structures, magic, and so much more!


I would recommend downloading other mods along with this one, it is compatible with other mods after all!


- mobs: chuchu, alure, essos, MSM golem, scorpion, MSM RGB golem, gajer, and the skulk spider.

- Bioms: biom1, nanobiom, cobaltbiom, icy plains, misillanium biom, jackson biom, jambs, ryhd, rune biom, and the avalan.

- ores: roxon, bengl, cobalt, meat, ceruela, cyrium, lingtanus, exturnius, mexus, lumus, tangius, lutus, gale, marnitum, nimer, fusilis, martm, saltpeter, sulfur, nerp, shiny, peat, genrock, ingius, jmusbox, haltmill, platinum, aluminum, mand, aquamarine, rose gold, and gypsum.

- automation: pipe blocks, sulfer extruders, petroleum extruders, and dispencers.

- storage: sulfer extruders, petroleum extruders, and an Opstorage1 block.

- structures: twofort, roads, pilligar castle, volcanos, sky castle, sulfur lip, hot springs, and clouds.

Modification files - lolcraftV1.215.14 MB
ores and - Ores and liquids update!15.24 MB
utility - utility update!15.39 MB






Is a realy good mood on a fast view, i can't play it because my pc dont run Minecraft 1.17
The textures at a fast view are realy good
Try MOTW (mod of the week) you have chances whit a quality mod like this