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Minecraft Forge mod
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XaveMod is a mod created by XaveTheBest. It adds many new features which you will see down below.

It has some "meme" features like a 5-block tall mob called "Henry" but also has some actual balanced and Vanilla-esque features.

This is the first mod I've published so I hope you guys like it.

Note: This mod does not have JEI support for custom crafting GUIs but I will be sure to add that in future updates.



  • Adds 14 new ores.
  • Adds 1 new dimension after the End.
  • Adds mob bloods, skins, and DNA. (see below)
  • Adds elements from the periodic table and combinations.
  • Adds new foods that are more effective than Vanilla ones.
  • 2 new minibosses.
  • 150+ new items.
  • 6 new crafting stations.
  • Many new mobs you can find around.


The Shadow Realm:

The Shadow Realm is currently the only new dimension in this mod. (I hope to add more in the future) It is an utterly dark and

unforgiving wasteland with the only life being evil incarnations of darkness. In the future, it will contain an extremely difficult boss, but that

is not implemented yet. I would recommend above-diamond loot before entering this dimension. One of its many native ores is

the key to post-netherite equipment. You might want to pack night-vision goggles.


Mob Bloods, Skins, and DNA:

This mod adds bloods, skins, and DNA for a lot of in-game mobs. Blood can be extracted with a syringe, skin can be extracted with a knife,

and DNA can be collected with a DNA Harvester. These items can be combined with a Chicken Egg to create the spawn egg for these creatures.

This offers a new and unique way to transport mobs without the use of boats or minecarts.


More Links:

Wiki: https://xavemod.fandom.com/wiki/XaveMod_Wiki

Discord Server: (Coming soon)



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