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Heeello Everyone! It's me, TheGreatKingBoo_, finally back with another Techno Mod...yes...But! There's a But: It's brand new!

Today, i wanna present you the ProjectI Mod, a spiritual successor to Ecoindustries Mod...but better (and bigger)!


This mod adds alot of new elements to Minecraft, such as new ores, a new crop system (kinda), easier crafting, and cooking! I suggest we speak about those a bit:


-New Ores-

Minecraft is a Mining game, yes,'s caves look a bit boring. You got your old Iron ore, Redstone, Gold, sometimes Diamond, Lead, Dolomia, Limesto- Wait wait wait...The last three aren't in Minecraft...EXCEPT NOW THEY ARE! This mod adds alot of new ores and gems, ranging from the well know Copper or Tin, to Limestone and Dolomia (For everyone who doesn't know, Dolomia is a rock, and its name comes from the Dolomites). Most of them have a purpouse (Not gems tho...Gems are useless for now), like crafting new Alloys (Same ol' Bronze and Steel for now, but just you wait!)


-New Crop System-

From now on, all Crops and Trees added in this mod will need to have a "Fertilised Soil" block under them to be planted (Don't ask why it didn't work with Farmland). Also, same as before, Vanilla Minecraft has some boring crops: You got wheat, carrots, potatoes...And then this mod adds Coffee Beans, Tea (Just for you, Japanese Tea Lovers, Just for You), Lettuce, and muuuuuch more! All of the seeds or Saplings can be found simply breaking normal grass, just like to obtain common Wheat Seeds. They are a bit rare tho, Especially saplings!


-Easier Crafting-

Most mods for Minecraft REQUIRE the memorization of absurd crafting recipes, absurd machines and whatnot...NOT HERE! Since i understood all the problems awful craftings could lead to, i've decided to make Most recipes shapeless, and to make items such as Alloys or Juices (yeah we got those too) able to be crafted in a normal Crafting Table! No new machines (for now atleast, but hey, i'll try not to make them complicated) too!



I started to really develop some kinda love feeling towards Cooking mods, like Pam's Harvestcraft (go check that mod out too), and so, why not make some sweet recipes of my own? There are alot of foods in this mod, like Cakes, Fruits, Pizza (not Ananas Pizza tho...that thing must NEVER be added in any mod that will ever exist!), aaand much more! Also, inspired by Pam's Harvestcraft, some items, like Juices, require a certain tool to be crafted (In this case, the Juicer), but luckily, they're easy to craft!


There is also a full translation in Italian, as well as the normal one!


That's all i got for now! I hope you will enjoy my mod, please leave some comments and feedbacks to let me know any possible problem, bug, feature that you may want to be added and so on! We'll see ourselves later, my dear Boos, with an update that i think many of you will love!

Modification files
ProjectI Mod 1.0.0.jar - ProjectI Mod 1.0.0 - small Mod Naming BugfixUploaded on: 12/23/2018 - 18:28   File size: 1.07 MB

Version 1.0.0 - The Initial Update

+Added alot of ores, new mechanics, and more (First update stuff)

Cool :)
Can you add some images showing something else than ores? Like you did in Ecoindustries :)