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About The Mod

The mod provides your Minecraft world either Server, Lan, or Single Player a real-time based on the location the world is being run from. The time in the game will take into account the exact minute for the host and convert the time into ticks that the game then sets the time for the world. This makes nights and days much longer. The full-day/night cycle is now on a 24-hour time period. More features are planned such as taking into account moon phases and other environmental features.

Download from Curse Forge

Download from Curse Forge

Official GitHub Repository

Official GitHub Repository

World Time

  • The time of the world will be set to the host's computer time.
  • If you host the server from a service provider then it will be the time where the server is located.
  • If your running a LAN server it will be the same computer time as the person hosting the world on LAN.
  • As of 1.3.0, it is possible to offset the time using game rules.

Calendar Example


  • There is a calendar that you can access using the key "C" by default.
  • A purple star will indicate the day of the month the host is currently on.
  • The months will auto-update based on the host time.
    • This allows for a more realistic aspect of the game seeing the date and time and even the year on the calendar. 
  • A golden start will now show for the day and month the world was created.
  • Calendars have some seasonal events widely known.
    • New Year's Day (Jan 1st)
    • Valentine's Day (Feb 14th)
    • Saint Patricks Day (Mar 17th)
    • April Fools (Apr 1st)
    • MCreator's BDay (May 1st)
    • Halloween (Oct 31st)
    • Minecraft's BDay (Nov 18th)
    • Christmas (Dec 25th)

Game Rules

This mod takes control over "doDaylightCycle" and sets the value to false to prevent the time of day from needing to be reset for each tick. If you remove the mod the value will need to be updated to true again.


  • Calendar menu.
  • Seasons settings for north/south hemisphere.
  • Support for Astronomical, Meteorological, and Solar season systems.
  • Serene Seasons Support
  • Calendar event icons
  • Calendar world anniversary icons.
  • Monthly moon cycle.
  • Real-time cycles.
  • 24-hour clock (host's time)
  • Time and date offset

More Information

You can find more information on the GitHub Wiki. Click the GitHub button above to view the wiki.

Non-Scope Requests

Fabric version

  • Reason: Compiling issues with the base code system, it's not possible to design the mod around this issue.


  • Reason: Maintaining more than two versions takes too much time and would require me to work around limited features on older MCreator versions.

Made with MCreator

This modification is proudly made with MCreator

Modification files
RealTimeMod_1.8.0_for_1.20.1.jar - Latest - DownloadUploaded on: 09/08/2023 - 23:38   File size: 12.69 MB
RealTimeMod_1.7.0_for_1.19.4.jar - Release - DownloadUploaded on: 06/23/2023 - 21:11   File size: 12.69 MB
RealTimeMod_1.6.0_for_1.19.2.jar - Release - DownloadUploaded on: 06/23/2023 - 20:28   File size: 12.69 MB

1.8.0 - Major Release

  • Ported from 1.7.0 to Forge 1.20.1

1.7.0 - Major Release

  • Ported from 1.6.0 to Minecraft 1.19.4

1.6.0 - Major Release

  • Updated the seasonType command, it now uses numbers to specify what method.
    • This will allow for cross-mod support for getting the value changed.
    • 0: Will set the Astronomical Season method.
    • 1: Will set the Meteorological Season method.
    • 2: Will set the Solar Season method.
  • Each world has its own weather configuration file.
  • Worked on the season start and end dates for Astronomical, dates should be balanced and accurate now.
  • Added support for custom weather overriding, though it disables many functions on our end. An example workspace will be made.
  • Custom dimension support, by default, will use overworld weather, but can bed changed using an overriding system.
  • Weather is unique for each world.
  • Weather is based on seasons.
  • Weather now has groups for types of weather (Overworld, Nether and End) with custom group name support.
  • Weather events now display weather names, this can be changed by other mods as well.
  • Weather seasons work with Serene Seasons if installed.
  • Expanded the "realtimemod" command to support "/realtimemod info|admin" paths.
  • The admin command path requires a permission level of 2, the info path anyone can use to get information about the mod.
  • Weather is run on the server side.
  • Weather has a strength value between 0.0 and 1.0 which can be tapped into for weather intercity.
  • Weather strength has a delay timer which is randomized between 10 and 20 minutes of gameplay.
  • Weather has a duration of days.
  • There is support for setting the minimum and maximum duration values.
  • By default, the range for weather duration is between 1 and 3 days but can be changed when overwritten.
  • Support for custom weather seasons for cross-mod support.
  • There will also be support for weather temperature bonus and wind bonus values which will be weather specific.
  • Weather will also have support for player thirst and temperature multipliers which will be used in a future update.
  • Worlds can enable/disable weather effects, built-in weather effects will be through status effects and will apply script, overlays, and particles to entities in the desired world.
  • Worlds can enable/disable weather being everywhere, handy for worlds like the nether which are underground and would otherwise count as save areas.
  • It's now possible to disable the real-time system using commands.

1.5.0 - Major Release

  • Port the modification back to 1.19.2 to apply changes in release 1.4.0

1.4.0 - Major Release

  • Backport to Forge 1.18.2 to apply fixes to this game version.
  • Added a new command for changing season preference.
  • Added support for Serene Seasons (For Forge)
    • This is optional and will automatically run when the mod ID is detected.
    • Season cycles are disabled on the first load.
    • Seasons have support for both the north and south hemispheres on Earth.
    • This can be changed using the game rule /gamerule isHemissphere [true/false]
    • If the mod is removed the script will no longer run.
    • There will be support for Astronomical, Meteorological, and Solar season systems.
  • Added new calendar day event for April Fools (April 1st). Never be fooled again XD
  • Updated texture for the calendar to add more detail.
  • Removed temperature and weather components.
  • Remove player settings.
  • Fixed calendar events not showing when the current day is not the event day.
  • Ported changes from 1.3.0 to 1.18.2 in this update.

1.3.0 - Minor Release

  • Added offset support using new Game Rules.
  • Full support for minute, hour, day, month and year offsets.
  • Replaced 12h clock with 24h clock.
  • Prepared workspace for Fabric migration.
  • Reworked entire time and date procedures.
  • Removed support for overlays due to it being dependent on player-side variables.
  • Removed support for per entity temperature conversion due to dependent on player-side variables.

1.2.1 - Patch

  • Fixed time being shifted 12 hours ahead.

1.2.0 - Minor Release

  • Ported 1.1.6 (1.18.2) to (1.19.2)

1.1.6 - Minor Release

  • Ported 1.1.5 (1.16.5) to (1.18.2)
  • Fixed issue with time being off between 12 am and 6 am

1.1.5 - Minor Release

  • Ported 1.1.4 (1.18.2) to (1.16.5)

1.1.4 - Major Release

  • Added Temperature mechanics for Nether, End, and Surface.
  • Added support for both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Added a new overlay for viewing information about the weather, temperature, time, and date.
  • Added a new key bind (X) to toggle the information overlay.
  • Added new key bind (V) to change personal preference for temperature type.
  • Added a new calendar icon (Gold Star) to indicate when the world creation anniversary is (this will be for new saves old saves will be the day you open the world with the new update.)

1.1.3 - Minor Release

  • Ported 1.1.2 (1.18.2) to (1.16.5)

1.1.2 - Minor Release

  • Ported 1.1.1 (1.17.1) to (1.18.2)

1.1.1 - Patch

  • Optimized world tick procedures to perform better.

1.1.0 - Minor Release

  • Added Moon phase support.
  • A full moon will happen once a month mid-way through.

1.0.0 - Minor Release

  • Added support for time to be the same as the host of the world.
  • Added support for a calendar for viewing some other date and time-related things.
  • Added time overlay.

This is actually a very neat and Polished mod, no matter how much it adds

I have a problem with your mods, my pc is at the right time and your mods synchronize well with it except that it gives me the evening time instead of the morning.
Basically when it's 11:20 AM at home, it's 11:20 PM in the game.

I look forward to this Fabric mods, for an RP game, there is no better.
Creator who responds politely and fixes bugs very quickly.