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Get ready for a high-tech adventure with Geotech, an extensive technology mod for all playstyles! Prepare yourself to embark on a perilous journey through the hazardous yet barren Geotite Crag, discover five new minerals, ranging from industrial titanium to reactive lithium. Craft cutting-edge equipment such as energy blades and jetpacks, and construct a diverse array of ten different machines and energy generators. Revolutionize your Minecraft experience as you redefine material processing and interact with the mysterious substance known as Redstone like never before!


Geotite Plateau & Geotite Crag

The Geotite Biomes have plenty of content to keep you busy, - if you like barren wastelands, these biomes are filled with a new stone called Geotite which can replace normal Cobblestone in most recipes. Geotite is a dark, scorched stone, reminiscent of basalt. You can use this new stone to craft polished and brick variations to add to your building pallet. These biomes are also filled with an over-abundance of Redstone for all your Geotech needs.

New Ores and Metals:

Silver, Tin, Zinc, Titanium, & Lithium

This Mod Contains 5 New Obtainable Ores, all with various uses:


Silver, while similar to gold in many ways has a few differences.

  1. Is slightly more durable then Gold
  2. It is also similarly enchantable
  3. It can be made into Silver Carrots and Apples
  4. Does extra damage to Undead Enemies 

Tin, is reminiscent of Copper, though it is different:

  • Used in Bronze Alloying
  • Tin Cans can store and stack soups/stews for proper usefulness
  • Tin Blocks that look similar to Copper ones

Zinc has only one use in the mod as of now:

  • Used in the crafting of copper-zinc batteries for use in Holo-blocks and GPS

Titanium is the mod's Magnum Opus:

  • Spawns only in limited 1-2 block ore veins in the Deepslate Layer
  • Drops nuggets instead of raw ore to make your life difficult
  • Tools and Weapons are the Overworld Equivalent of Netherite
  • Can be used to create the Combat Bow, a more precise and damaging upgrade
  • +more

Lithium, used for crafting underwater explosives and lighting:



Bronze & Rose Gold


Bronze is a useful utility, It's tools, armor, and weapons can replace Iron.

  • Bronze tools are slower but does more damage to compensate.
  • Bronze Armor provides knockback resistance similar to Netherite.
  • Bronze Equipment has more durability then iron.

Rose Gold:

Rose Gold is a combination of Gold, Silver, and Copper.

  • Rose Gold has a High Enchantablity, higher then gold or Netherite.
  • Rose Gold tools have iron tool durability.

More Weapons!

New Swords:

Bronze Sword - Slower then Iron, More Damage

Silver Sword - Low Durability, +Damage to Undead Mobs

Rose Gold Sword - High Enchantability

Titanium Sword - Faster then Netherite, Burns in lava

Fluxblade - Energy Weapon that can be recharged.

Combat Bow - Higher Accuracy & Damage

Oblivion Bow - Deletes Entities, Expensive Ammo

Railgun - Projectile Ignores Gravity, High Damage & Velocity

New Blocks:

Holo-blocks come in any of Minecraft's 16 colors plus a rainbow and monochrome version:

  • Holo-blocks have low friction for sliding entertainment, try a boat!

Flux Lamps resemble Redstone lamps but require a slow stream of RF (Redstone Flux) to function.

Empty Lanterns may be right-clicked with either a Normal, Soul, or Redstone Torch to "fill" it.

Redstone Lanterns emit a light level of 7 and a Redstone signal of 15

Reinforced Torches may be toggled on/off with right-click, light level of 15

Titanium Torches may be toggled on/off with a right-click, Redstone signal of 15 when on

Underwater Torches and Lamps only work underwater/in the rain



  • Extracts "soft blocks" like Dirt, Sand, Gravel, Moss, Leaves, and more to obtain usefull items

Thermal Generator

  • Generates RF via combustible items (like a furnace)

Redstone Kiln

  • Smelts items like a furnace, powered by RF

Solar Generator

  • Generates a slow stream of RF during good weather conditions

Lightning Generator

  • Requires a lightning rod to be placed atop, generates energy when struck.


  • Crushes Ores and Ingots into dust (used for alloying)

Redstone Generator

  • Generates RF via Redstone Dust & Blocks

Ambient Generator

  • Generates a small amount of RF if placed in a Geotite Biome

Sculk Generator

  • Generates RF from nearby experience orbs


  • Charges items such a Energy Weapons & Batteries

Oblivion Bin

  • Removes Items from existence when powered by redstone,

Transmutation Bench

  • Crafted with a nether star
  • Converts blocks and items into alternate variants (Ex: Sand < Red Sand, Granite < Andesite < Diorite, Wood Types, Bricks. and more!)

Feel free to leave bug reports/suggestions in the comments, I am always open to new ideas!

For a more versions such as Open Betas visit the page on Curseforge:

Modification files
Geo-tech - 1.0.0 - 1.16.5_0.jarUploaded on: 01/17/2022 - 12:28   File size: 341.84 KB
Geo-tech-1.20.1-1.1.2.jarUploaded on: 01/28/2024 - 22:12   File size: 5.69 MB
Geotech-1.20.1-1.1.3.jarUploaded on: 02/04/2024 - 04:47   File size: 5.69 MB
Geotech-1.20.1-1.1.4.jarUploaded on: 03/05/2024 - 09:11   File size: 6.59 MB

1.1.4 Beta Changelogs +

  • Adjusted Titanium Ore Spawn Rates
  • Fixed Torch Visual Bugs
  • Fixed Unlimited Energy Glitch with environmental generator
  • Added Tin Blocks
  • Added Tin Bulb
  • Added Block of Bronze
  • Added Bronze Bars
  • Added Bronze Door & Trapdoor
  • Added Tin Cans
  • Added Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Added Canned Soups and Stews
  • Added Redstone Kiln
  • Adjusted Energy Consumption of Machines
  • Added Lithium Torch
  • Added Lithium Lamp
  • Changed Energy Output Zone of Thermal Generator, Redstone Generator, and Ambient Generator
  • Fixed the name of Polished Geotite Slab, Stairs, & Wall
  • Fixed Unexpected Ticking in certain naturally generating blocks
  • Changed Redstone Bug Texture
  • Added Oblivion Bin
  • Added Titanium Armor
  • Added 1.20 Wood Types to Transmutation Bench Roll
  • Updated GPS
  • Finished JEI Support for Transmutation Bench
  • Fixed Zinc Nugget being named Zinc Ingot
  • Changed Mod Icon
  • Various Optimization Improvements

I have thought about adding brass, but the question I asked myself was: "What would Brass do?", In real life brass is used in stuff like Musical Instruments and Plumbing, however, my mod has neither of those things yet so I thought it to be useless to add a metal without giving it a few proper uses first. It's certainly an idea for a future update though.

Great! Sad that my mega-mod with minerals constantly gets deleted. Congrats on MOTW though!

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Twitter page (

RF overdose is pretty realistic because redstone is Made out of a bit of uranium so yeah

Fun fact: In the Education Edition for Minecraft Bedrock there is a block called the "Material Reducer" that when given items, it spits out a large quantity of "Elements" that are meant to represent what the block/item is made out of, and when you insert Redstone into the machine one of the various "Elements" it extracts is Uranium.