Historically Accurate Armor

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Actually, not historical and not accurate, yes. I lied. This was planed as true accurate mod, but ended as... this.

Modification focused both on cheap and on better armors, that can be obtained with new (not so) materials and tools.

Adds on:

  • Cloth based armor and materials
  • Camouflage
  • Tech tree (not actually, just layers of crafts, but that sounds better)
  • Growable cloth-producing grass, for more cloth to obtain
  • 2 tool types with 3/4 variatons
  • New blocks
  • Backpacks and additional pouches
  • New weapons
  • New food

And a lot of different armor, of course!

  • Quilted armor: Cheap basic layer of armor: Can be upgraded or used for craft better armor. 
  • Iron Plate armor: Medium class armor. Not so expensive, offers good protection and can be upgraded.
  • Steel Plate armor: Medium class armor. More expensive, but more reliable and offers better protection.
  • Chainmail armor: Light class armor. Less expensive, still offers good protection and have top tier armor in list.
  • Heavy Plate armor: Heavy class armor. Expensive and hard. Can be used to obtain one of the best armor in mod.
  • Ancient armor: Light/Medium class armor. Cheap trash, that offers some protection.
  • Flak armor: Medium class armor. Expensive, but reliable. Can be upgraded.
  • Camouflage: No armor / Light class armor. Offers little-to-no protection, but can be useful for stealth. Can be upgraded two different ways. 
  • Infantry and Assault armor: Medium and Heavy class armor. Expensive, reliable and strong. Best armor.
  • Village clothes: No armor. Basic layer for some other armor.
  • Mage clothes: No armor. Provides potion effects when used. Can't be upgraded

List of equipment:

  • Bag: Just bag. Can be used to carry small amout of items.
  • Handmade backpack: Bag with stripes. More than nothing.
  • Backpack: Has slots for pouches
  • Coloured backpack: Just as a backpack, but with some colour.
  • Leather backpack: More expensive, but better.
  • Big backpack: Even more expensive, but even more better.
  • Pouch: Small pouch with small space.
  • Belt: Can be used to carry some pouches.
  • Bandolier: Better belt

List of tools:

  • Sewing kits. Four types (Basic, Iron, Gold and Sewing Machine). Can be used to make cloth, leather and quilted armor and items.
  • Tool kits. Three types (Basic, Iron and Advanced). Can be used to make metal and ore armor and items.
  • Blue tape roll. Used for packing up MRE's.

Weapon list:

  • Assaulter knife: Steel knife for fast close combat. 
  • Assaulter knife (Alt): Same as above, but looks different.

Food list:

  • MRE: 3 variants - good/normal/bad. Crafting with any vanilla food. Can be packed into packs and blocks. 

Well, that's all. Sort of.

Known issues:

  • Some blocks still may be stupidly hard to break
  • Shoulder textures of armor may be wrong
  • Some helmets have the wrong visor position

Localization: RUS (full), ENG (Almost full, may be some troubles and mistakes)

Modification files
HAArmor 1.16.5-1.1.0.jarUploaded on: 06/24/2022 - 07:03   File size: 2.31 MB

1.0.3. version

Changes: Some recipes became cheaper, some became more expensive. Added new easy-to-make armor. Added materials for future development. Updated localization files.

1.0.7. version

  • Added some villager trades
  • Added new modern armor - Infantry Armor
  • Some new recipes
  • Some new blocks
  • A special weapon
  • Updated localization files

1.0.8 / 1.0.9 version

  • Added new weapon - Assaulter Knife
  • Added new modern style armor with two variants
  • New texture for sandbag walls
  • New texture for mudbrick

1.0.10 version

  • Added new modern armor variants

1.0.11 / 1.0.12. / 1.0.13 version

  • Added new variant of Assaulter knife
  • Added MRE and MRE blocks
  • Added new armor
  • Added blue tape

1.1.0 version

  • Updated localization files

If there's some bugs, errors and troubles, let me know. I can't promise to fix it quickly, but I'll try to do something.