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This mod is the solution to all your item needs. Simply sell something you don't need and buy something you need!

The Mod adds a tablet that lets you buy and sell a big collection of items. Just type in the item you are looking for (e.g. white_wool) and put in the wanted amount of silver coins in the left slot and click buy (you'll recieve 16 pieces of your wanted item). You can also simply sell your items if you put 32 for example sticks in it and then click sell.

The tablet is craftable but expensive. That makes it so that you can't unlock it early game. Disclaimer: It is possible that this mod contains some glitches! If you find one then please inform me via the comment section.

Thank you for downloading my mod!

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Minazone-Mod_0.jar - The first VersionUploaded on: 05/14/2022 - 17:16   File size: 66.51 KB