Revived Features ALPHA

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In development
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This mod is in alpha stage so little has been added but you guys who download this can give feedback on what you think so far and what I should add in the future


Features (So Far)




Cyan Flower

Unused Sandstone blocks

Seamless Slabs

Ruby,Ruby Ore and Ruby Block

Crying Obsidian

Glowing Obsidian



Generic Villager (W.I.P)

Stillager (Steve-Villager Hybrid) (W.I.P)

Angry Villager (W.I.P



Future Features

Human (Mob)

Pigman (Mob)

Brick Pyramid

Indev house

Cherry Trees

Sky Dimension

Giant (Mob)

Locked Chest

Classic Textures

Frozen Ocean Biome

Calm4.ogg Disc

C418 - Dog Disc


Modification files
Revived Features (ALPHA).jar - Adds back Removed/Unused features from the game. Remember this is in ALPHA mode so it is barely completed.Uploaded on: 12/30/2017 - 21:36   File size: 90.28 KB

Sorry I have been inactive, but my Mcreator for some reason reset the mod which means I have lost the development.

If you want, I can redo the mod again and take more requests

with human do you mean the dancing running steves? or the aggressive steves that inspired herobrine?

If possible shulker boxes would be cool, and being able to place item frames, buttons, and the trap doors in any direction like in the later updates.

All what is in that mod :) but updated

Tomcrafter! If you can, you should totally add Raina, Beast Boy, and Black Steve! I understand it would probably be hard to model it, but it's just a suggestion. Let me know what you think!