Natural disasters!

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The natural disasters mod adds 8 new disasters to play with. So! what are you waiting for! download this mod now! Wanna help us? of course! visit and or comment on this mod page, heres the disasters:

● Tornado - it can lift blocks in the air and can damage you a lot

● Meteorite - this meteorite falls from the sky causing a impact on earth

● Meteor shower - the same as the meteorite but even more!

● Tsunami - a rush of water that will flood the land

● Sandstorm - loads of particles and sand blocks everywhere

● Wildfire - sets forests and villages on fire

● Acid rain - rains acid

● Sinkhole - creates a big hole

● Earthquake - makes a slanted hole

Modification files
Natural_disasters_V1-1.0.0_0.jar - Have fun!Uploaded on: 04/02/2024 - 19:58   File size: 1.83 MB

06/04/2024 - removed the GUI in the thumbnail

05/04/2024 - changed the thumbails backround

03/04/2024 - added more information in the description

02/04/2024 - release

Hey, How did you make the arthquake?
I need The procedire for my mod. CXould You Give Me The Procedure