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Published by Bird on Wed, 05/25/2022 - 20:15
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This mod adds a bunch of crazy random fun stuff to minecraft. (just as the name suggests!) 



Things this mod adds:


Time Stone - Drop to make all mobs stop and right click to allow them to move again

Power Stone - Gives you different effects (Strength, Regeneration, etc)

Space Stone - Makes you be speed

Reality Stone - Right click to get the thing you desire most

Soul Stone - Right click to bring up a menu

Mind Stone - Right click near villagers to turn them into zombies

Tnt Stone - Right click to make an explosion, drop to make an even bigger one

Carrot Stone - Eat to get lots of carrots

Infinity Gauntlet - Right click to kill mobs

Infinity Armor - Offbrand netherite armor

Piranha Plant - Nom Nom

Thors Hammer(not that good quality) - Throw it

Phone - Right click to order pizza (Only works in survival mode for some reason)

Dodgeball Gun - Now you can win the dodgeball fight

Dodgeball - Ammo for the Dodgeball Gun 

Dodgeball Tools - Use this in the dodgeball fight as well

Diamond Friend - DON'T YOU DARE EAT HIM

Rolo Tube - They are the best candy

Ramen - Yum

Oculus Controller - Note: headset not included

Chicken Nugget Shovel - I don't know what to say about this one

Gamer Food - For when you are grinding

French Fry - It's a french fry

Calculator - Do some math

Covid Brownie - It will kill you if you eat it


I have not added a lot of recipes so some things are unobtainable in survival.



Modification files
fun mod 1.16.5 Forge.jar - fun mod for 1.16.5 forgeUploaded on: 05/25/2022 - 20:27   File size: 7.77 MB