Mystical Mooshrooms

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HI! this is a mod that changes the mushroom biom by adding items and adventure to you world.

this mod is being updated to please give me some feed back!


Items this mod brings;

Fungaly mess -used to craft Mooshrite Clump and Shroomy apple

Mooshrite Clump - used to smelt into Mooshrite Ingot

Mooshrite ingot - used to craft into weapons and armor

Mooshroom Leather - used to craft armor

Shroomy Apple - used to eat and gain haste 2 and regen 2 for 12 second


Adds a new mob - PigShroom an ambient mob that spawns in the mushroom fields

------------------------------------AND MORE IN THE FUTURE!-------------------------------

Modification files - Version 1.0 DownloadUploaded on: 07/24/2022 - 10:13   File size: 61.48 KB