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Welcome to Blazeikin, a tool mod that adds some high-end blaze themed items to the game. There are 6 new tools:

the Nether-Infused Red Gem Pickaxe, the Blaze Pickaxe, the Blaze Waraxe, the Blaze Hoe, the Blaze Sword, and the Blaze Shovel.

Also added are 2 new ores: Ruby ore and Blaze ore. Ruby ore is about as rare as emerald, and gives one ruby per ore block, and Blaze ore

is about as rare as diamond, requiring a diamond pick or above to mine, and giving 4 blaze powders per ore block.

Using 6 blaze powders, in a pinch, you can recraft a blaze rod, and using 9 blaze rods you can craft a Blaze Block, which glows and smokes.

...whats that? We're missing a food item? Oh, yeah! Surround a diamond in cocoa beans to get 4 Diamond Cocoa Beans. Craft a cookie, blaze powder,

and diamond beans together to get... 4 Spicy Cookies! The Spicy Cookie fills 5 hamshanks, and when eaten, gives 30 seconds of Fire Resistance.

P.S. When crafting certain tools, some enchantments may be pre-applied to them.







What else blaze-themed do you guys want?

Modification files
blazeikin_1.0_1.10.2.jar - A blaze-centered mod.89.61 KB

Nice textures :)
The ruby looks a little out of place with its high-res texture though.