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WARNING: WAS REMADE FOR 1.9.4! HERE IS THE UPDATED MOD LINK! https://mcreator.pylo.co/modification/29951/big-mod-raolcraft-2-enit-co…


Welcome to RaolCraft Mod! This is my first mod! This mod adds tools, mobs, items, dimensions, blocks and more! (sorry for my bad English I'm Italian).

1.0 - 28 mod elements

Added beta colored woods (with no crafting recipe);

Added Spirit, a purple Zombie that lives in Nether;

Added EvilFlower, a plant used to crafting Dark Key;

Added beta Bear (there is a texture bug);

Added Corn;

Added DarkWorld (new dark dimension: to open his netherrack portal you need a Dark Key);

Added Dark Ground;

Added Super Diamond Sword (crafted with Diamond Blocks);

Added Electronic Saw;

Added a cooking recipe for Zombie Meat;

Added a Creative Clear-Inventory Button (press 0);

Added a text sayed when a Player sleeps...

Sorry for bugs and bad translations, but it's my first mod.

1.1, The Mining Update - 35 mod elements

Added Lead Ore;

Added Lead Ingot;

Added Lead Armor;

Added Drill;

Added Stone Slime;

Added Fake Stone, a stone that summons a Stone Slime when destroyed;

Added Lightning Wand;

Changed some recipes;

Changed Spirit Texture;

Now Spirits are Passive;

Fixed Bear Bug;

and more... Thanks for reading all!

Modification files
RaolCraft 1.0 for MC 1.9.jar - First VersionUploaded on: 07/26/2016 - 20:52   File size: 160.95 KB
RaolCraft 1.1 for MC 1.9.jar - Mining UpdateUploaded on: 07/26/2016 - 20:52   File size: 216.61 KB

I've maked awesome stuff for 1.2 (Cool Update, with coins, quatrefoils, defense-blocks and more!), but I must remake all for a MCreator's bug... Now I'm making this mod for 1.9.4...

I've remaked this mod for MC 1.9.4: download The Big Mod (RaolCraft 2)

The only thing that never changed during all the RaolCrafts is the Spirit... It's becoming iconic XD

Oh, I get what you mean! XD
I actually said that the Spirit (a mob) was the only feature that was never changed in all the RaolCrafts, it still has the same texture, unlike all the other features, that were removed or changed (well, the ruby still has the same texture, but that texture was made by mojang).
Anyways, you're right! XD
Merry Christmas!