The Mod Podge

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This Mod is a Group of small, modded Object Misfits that dont fit anywhere, so i put them into a single mod, Hence the name Mod Podge.


Current Items:


By putting 1 dirt into a table, you get a stack of scaffolding blocks. these are weak, instant-breaking blocks, used for scaffolding.

Levitation Charm

By putting an emerald, 2 shulker shells and a Tripwire Hook together, you get the Levitation Charm. using this gives you levitation 3 for 5 seconds.

Lava Generator

With some iron, diamonds, and a bucket of lava, you get a Lava Generator. this acts like an infinite lava source, as Normal Infinite Lava Sources are not possible.

Underwater Air Generator

with some glass and a ghast tear, you get the Underwater Air Generator. this block lets entities in, but not water, causing this to act like an air pocket.

The Picksword

With a blaze rod, diamond pickaxe, and a Stone Sword, you get "The PickSword". this 5 damage diamond pick is exeptionally durable, with 5000 durability.

Modification files
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