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What is the Riaki Mod?

Riaki Mod is modification where your objective is to kill its main boss, Riaki. Apart from that, you have many other crazy and interesting features like:

  • A lot of new items, from a Tooth Brush to a Bus you can drive
  • Tools and weapons, like a Raygun, a Slingshot, a Pirate Sword, Basketballs, etc.
  • Stuff you can wear, not only new armor sets but also things like Pneumatic Legs and Angel Wings
  • Useful objects like a Bag, a Digital Watch, new food and plants, ...
  • A new dimension in space with alien pigs, cows, sheep and chickens (and weird dangerous creatures)
  • Some new mobs, structures and bosses in the Overworld
  • New building blocks and furniture
  • Advancements and more!

How did this mod come to be?

This was initially a mod I was doing as a meme with and for some friends in 2019 (I had experience with MCreator for years) and the original files were eventually lost to time. In 2021, the desire of doing a mod came again so I decided to recreate everything from the original along with a lot more content. Now, in 2022, the mod is in what I would call a playable state - you can find a lot of stuff and obviously kill Riaki. I will still work in this mod and I want to add a lot more features, so treat this as a open beta of sorts.

Additional information

As this mod was initially made for my friend group, a lot of stuff might not make any sense at all (like some sounds in portuguese and descriptions of items) but I think that might be the magic of it. This mod has no clear direction or style, it has all kinds of things from a mad scientist who creates mini-butts to a tree guy that you grow and harvest his leaves to smelt into a giant hammer! It's kind of like Orespawn but with no OP giant monsters which take a hour to kill. That's why this page is so cryptid and doesn't really teach you anything objective at all, go explore it yourself (and maybe with friends) and I hope you enjoy :)


Leave any suggestions in the comments, this mod can literally have anything no matter how crazy!

Modification files
RiakiMod-1.0.2-1.18.2.jar - DOWNLOAD and put it in your mods folderUploaded on: 09/05/2022 - 23:49   File size: 9.68 MB
  • 1.0.0 - Released the mod
  • 1.0.1 - Fixed the Lab structure
  • 1.0.2 - Fixed some recipes and collisions