The Big Mod (RaolCraft 2)

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Welcome to my 2nd mod! This is a mod that adds blocks, items, mobs, and more!​ - 200+ MOD ELEMENTS! - 2 TIMES MOD OF THE WEEK (8/19/2016 and 10/22/2016)!



3.0 (MC 1.10.2)…



​Sorry for Normal World Type Generation Bug. I will fix this.

Sorry for bad English I'm Italian.



1.0 - Mod Creation

Added XRay Glass (beta: in 1.1 it was changed in secret glass);

Added Lead Ore: it can be smelted into a lead ingot;

Added Lead Ingot: used for crafting;

Added Defense Block: you need to break it 3 times;

Added Ruby Ore: it can be smelted in to a ruby;

Added Ruby: used for crafting;

Added Drill: used for some blocks that can't be mined with diamond pickaxe;

Added Ruby Block: a ruby storage;

Added Thunder Wand: it summons some lightnings!;

Added Bullet: used for guns;

Added Gun: used for distance-fights!;

Added Coin: can be used only on custom maps;

Added a text sayed when a player sleeps (but it isn't working >:();

Added 0 (zero) button (creative only). When clicked your inventor is cleared.

1.1: Cherry Biome Update

Added Cherry Biome: it's pink;

Added Cherry Wood;

Added Cherry Planks;

Added Cherry Leaves;

Added Lead Block: a lead storage;

Added Eatable Rotten Flesh: can be crafted smelting rotten flesh;

Fixed X-Ray Glass (now is Secret Glass: you can spy other players!);

and more!

1.2: Nature Update (44 mod elements!)

Added MegaDiamond: used for crafting;

Added MegaDiamond Sword: very strong;

Added NightBlock: when right-clicked it sets time to 16000;

Added ReedsBlock: a Reeds storage;

Added Clear Glass: used for deco and crafing;

Added Bear: it's so cute!;

Added Spirit: bugged;

Added EvilFlower: used for crafting;

Added Italian Language (Non a caso sono italiano :-)).

1.3: Custom Map Update (56 mod elements!)

Added TV: it's yust for deco but it's AWESOME;

Added Packs (Warrior Pack, Engineer Pack, Griefer Pack): they can be obtained rarely in bonus chests;

Added Day Block: when right-clicked, it sets time to 0;

Added Key: only for deco or custom maps;

Added a beta new structure;

Added MegaDiamond Block: a megadiamond storage;

Added beta MegaDiamond Apple: don't make it because it's in beta!;

Fixed some bugs;and more!

1.4: Ore Update (74 mod elements!)

Added Water Dimension: to make the portal you need some sponge;

Added MegaDiamond Armor: it's very strong;

Added Silver Ore: it can be smelted into a silver ingot;

Added Silver Armor: it isn't very strong;

Added Silver Ingot: used for crafting;

Added Water Ore: it can be smelted into a water ingot;

Added Water Trident: the water dimension igniter;

Added Water Stone: it can be smelted into stone;

Added Sapphire Ore: it can be smelted into a sapphire;

Added Sapphire: used for crafting;

Added Sapphire Block: a saphire storage;

Added Bushes: they drop some leaves;

Added OP Sword: OverPowered Sword (Creative Only);

Fixed Bugs.

1.4.1: Bug Fixing Update #1 (80 mod elements!)

Added Water Ingot: used for crafting;

Added Water Block: a water ingots storage;

Added Silver Block: a silver storage;

Added Water Wand: it makes infinite water;

Fixed some bugs.

1.5: Lavic Update (110 mod elements!)

Added Lavic Ore: it can be smelted into a Lavic Ingot and can be used for smelting;

Added Lavic Ingot: it's more powerful than a megadiamond and it's used for crafting;

Added Lavic Block: it's a lavic ingot storage and it can be used for Hades Portal;

Added Hades: it's similar to End but it's maked out of Hot Netherrack;

Added Hot Netherrack: it's used for crafting and smelting;

Added Demon: an hostile mob that spawns in the Nether and in the Hades;

Added Lavic Tools:

- Lavic Sword : when rightclicked it makes some fire;

- Lavic Pickaxe: when rightclicked it toggles downfall;

- Lavic Axe: when rightclicked it makes a grass block (for planting trees lol);

- Lavic Shovel: when rightclicked it makes a TNT block (WOAH!)

Added Mega TNT: it does extra-large istant explosions!;

Added Ghost TNT: it summons some Lightnings;

Added Hot Bricks: just for deco :-);

Added Compressed Lavic Ingot: used for crafting;

Added hot coal: used for smelting;

Added Lava Wand: it summons infinite lava!;

Added /setday command: it sets time to 0;

Added /setnight command: it sets time to 16000;

Fixed some bugs.

1.6: Super Update (138 mod elements!)

Updated mod to MC 1.10.2;

Added TNT Monster (similar to Creeper);

Added Diamond Nugget: used for crafting;

Added beta Corals: for now they are useless;

Added Corn, Cooked Corn, Pop Corn and Corn Seeds;

Added Bear Meat and Cooked Bear Meat;

Added /explode command;

Added Quatrefoils;

Added Magic Sand: used for crafing;

Added Blue Bricks;

Added Magma Bricks;

Added Pocket Cobblestone Generator;

Added another version of Secret Glass: dirt;

Added Spirit's Weapon;

Fixed bugs.


2.0: Revolution Update (200+ mod elements!)


Added Colored Planks;

Added Colored Swords;

Added Barrel (like a little chest);

Added Coral Block (it summons water);

Added Lucky Block (multi - surprises!);

Added Water Armor (with lots of effects!);

Added GraveStone (it summons Zombies and Spirits);

Added Mining Helmet (for not using torchs!)

Added a Silver MultiTool;

Added GlassBrick;

Added Lucky Wand (infinite lucky blocks!);

Added Golden Potato;

Fixed bugs and changed some textures!

2.1: Glow Update (about 250 mod elements!) - 15/08/2016

Added Herobrine (beta): a new boss;

Added Poison Creature (beta). when it attacks, it will poison you MUAHUAHUAH!;

Added Glow-Shroom: it spawns in glow biome and glow dimension;

Added Glowing Grass: very glowy!;

Added Black Dirt: useless LOL;

Added Glow Dimension: you can make the portal with essence blocks;

Added Essence: used for crafting;

Added MinePhone (only for creative);

Added Glow Biome: it's very cool;

Added HeroBrine Spawner: for spawning Herobrine;

Added Bedrock Destroyer: use it at own your risk and peril!;

Added Bedrock Ingot (for now useless);

Added Essence Block (for the portal);

Added Weather Block: it makes raining or not;

Changed textures, balanced mod and fixed bugs!


2.1.1: Bug Fixing Update #2 - 24/08/2016

Added Bedrock Armor;

Added more tabs;

Balanced mod and fixed bugs!

3.0: Utility Update - 09/06/2016

Added Nether Ores: for all raolcraft ores + all minecraft ores (but with the exception of Water Ore);

Added Hot Coal Block: an Hot Coal source; 

Added Dragon Potion: let's make some fire!; 

Added Rope of Teleport: an infinite low-range enderpearl!

Added a bin: for not using lava; 

Added Amethist, Amethist Ore and Amethist Block; 

Added Bronze, Bronze Ore and Bronze Block; 

Added SilverFish Wand: useful for defending and griefing; 

Added BedRock Block: a bedrock source;

Added Leather Block: a leather source; 

Added Dark Essence: dropped from Spirits (useless for now);

Added Panda: it's a bear's friend;

Added Bamboo: panda's food (bugged);

Added Plant Block: it's the frame for the new building dimensions;

Added Plain Dimension: it's a mix of superflat and normal word;

Added Void Dimension: for building everithing in air;

Added Super Chest: like a triple chets (warning: ugly GUI!);

Added StrawBerry Bush and Strawberries;

Added Cherries (dropped rarely from cherry leaves);

Added Silver Sword: it can be enchanted with rubies, emeralds, saphires and amethistes!;

Added Cherry Creeper: another edition of Creeper;

Now Bronze can be upgraded to silver and silver can be upgraded to gold;

Balanced mod and fixed bugs.

3.1 - Magic Update - 09/10/2016

Added BedRock Sword;

Added Water Sword: when you right-click with it, you'll get some XP!;

Added Spectral Dimension: the portal is made from dark blocks and the igniter is a Spectral Trident;

Added PinkStone: generated in the Spectral Dimension;

Added Crystal Ore: generated in the Spectral Dimension;

Added Crystal: used for crafting;

Added DarkStone: generated in the Spectral Dimension;

Added DarkStone Dust: used for crafting;

Added Dark Gravestone: it summons Spirits;

Added Crystal Block: a crystal source;

Added Crystalized Silver Sword;

Added Primed Nether Star: dropped from Herobrine;

Added New End Dimension: the portal is made from bedrock blocks and a very hard to get igniter;

Added Ender Ore: generated in the New End;

Added Ender Ingot: for now useless;

And more!






Ruby: an item used for crafting. Can be obtained mining Ruby Ore or smelting it.

Sapphire: similar to Ruby.

Lead: used for crafting. Can be obtained mining Lead Ore.



Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

Future Addings: TV, Packs, Blood, Key, more Plants, more decorations, herobrine, and other stuff for custom maps.

Future Addings: saphire, mining helmet, more ores, new dimension, OP sword (creative only), new armor and new tools.

Future Addings: Lavic ore, Lavic tools, Lavic ingots, new dimension, new bricks, and more!

Future Addings: spirit weapon, blue sand, blue bricks, more ores, every item/block taht already exists in raolcraft 1 but not in raolcraft 2 and more!

In the next update I will reach 200 mod elements! I will add lucky block, lucky tools, lavic armor, megadiamond tools, colored wood, gravestones, vampires and more!

Submitted by KBizzle10 on Wed, 08/10/2016 - 14:57

Cant wait for the update. i have tried but i can't download (I'm on a mac) any ideas?

my mod is better than minecraft 1.11 (the snapshot only adds poison creeper and more eggs)!

Future Addings: glow dimension, glow mushrooms, glow biome, glow block, glow essence, poison creature and more!