The Big Mod (RaolCraft 2)

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Welcome to my 2nd mod! This is a mod that adds blocks, items, mobs, and more!​ - 200+ MOD ELEMENTS! - 2 TIMES MOD OF THE WEEK (8/19/2016 and 10/22/2016)!



3.0 (MC 1.10.2)…



​Sorry for Normal World Type Generation Bug. I will fix this.

Sorry for bad English I'm Italian.



1.0 - Mod Creation

Added XRay Glass (beta: in 1.1 it was changed in secret glass);

Added Lead Ore: it can be smelted into a lead ingot;

Added Lead Ingot: used for crafting;

Added Defense Block: you need to break it 3 times;

Added Ruby Ore: it can be smelted in to a ruby;

Added Ruby: used for crafting;

Added Drill: used for some blocks that can't be mined with diamond pickaxe;

Added Ruby Block: a ruby storage;

Added Thunder Wand: it summons some lightnings!;

Added Bullet: used for guns;

Added Gun: used for distance-fights!;

Added Coin: can be used only on custom maps;

Added a text sayed when a player sleeps (but it isn't working >:();

Added 0 (zero) button (creative only). When clicked your inventor is cleared.

1.1: Cherry Biome Update

Added Cherry Biome: it's pink;

Added Cherry Wood;

Added Cherry Planks;

Added Cherry Leaves;

Added Lead Block: a lead storage;

Added Eatable Rotten Flesh: can be crafted smelting rotten flesh;

Fixed X-Ray Glass (now is Secret Glass: you can spy other players!);

and more!

1.2: Nature Update (44 mod elements!)

Added MegaDiamond: used for crafting;

Added MegaDiamond Sword: very strong;

Added NightBlock: when right-clicked it sets time to 16000;

Added ReedsBlock: a Reeds storage;

Added Clear Glass: used for deco and crafing;

Added Bear: it's so cute!;

Added Spirit: bugged;

Added EvilFlower: used for crafting;

Added Italian Language (Non a caso sono italiano :-)).

1.3: Custom Map Update (56 mod elements!)

Added TV: it's yust for deco but it's AWESOME;

Added Packs (Warrior Pack, Engineer Pack, Griefer Pack): they can be obtained rarely in bonus chests;

Added Day Block: when right-clicked, it sets time to 0;

Added Key: only for deco or custom maps;

Added a beta new structure;

Added MegaDiamond Block: a megadiamond storage;

Added beta MegaDiamond Apple: don't make it because it's in beta!;

Fixed some bugs;and more!

1.4: Ore Update (74 mod elements!)

Added Water Dimension: to make the portal you need some sponge;

Added MegaDiamond Armor: it's very strong;

Added Silver Ore: it can be smelted into a silver ingot;

Added Silver Armor: it isn't very strong;

Added Silver Ingot: used for crafting;

Added Water Ore: it can be smelted into a water ingot;

Added Water Trident: the water dimension igniter;

Added Water Stone: it can be smelted into stone;

Added Sapphire Ore: it can be smelted into a sapphire;

Added Sapphire: used for crafting;

Added Sapphire Block: a saphire storage;

Added Bushes: they drop some leaves;

Added OP Sword: OverPowered Sword (Creative Only);

Fixed Bugs.

1.4.1: Bug Fixing Update #1 (80 mod elements!)

Added Water Ingot: used for crafting;

Added Water Block: a water ingots storage;

Added Silver Block: a silver storage;

Added Water Wand: it makes infinite water;

Fixed some bugs.

1.5: Lavic Update (110 mod elements!)

Added Lavic Ore: it can be smelted into a Lavic Ingot and can be used for smelting;

Added Lavic Ingot: it's more powerful than a megadiamond and it's used for crafting;

Added Lavic Block: it's a lavic ingot storage and it can be used for Hades Portal;

Added Hades: it's similar to End but it's maked out of Hot Netherrack;

Added Hot Netherrack: it's used for crafting and smelting;

Added Demon: an hostile mob that spawns in the Nether and in the Hades;

Added Lavic Tools:

- Lavic Sword : when rightclicked it makes some fire;

- Lavic Pickaxe: when rightclicked it toggles downfall;

- Lavic Axe: when rightclicked it makes a grass block (for planting trees lol);

- Lavic Shovel: when rightclicked it makes a TNT block (WOAH!)

Added Mega TNT: it does extra-large istant explosions!;

Added Ghost TNT: it summons some Lightnings;

Added Hot Bricks: just for deco :-);

Added Compressed Lavic Ingot: used for crafting;

Added hot coal: used for smelting;

Added Lava Wand: it summons infinite lava!;

Added /setday command: it sets time to 0;

Added /setnight command: it sets time to 16000;

Fixed some bugs.

1.6: Super Update (138 mod elements!)

Updated mod to MC 1.10.2;

Added TNT Monster (similar to Creeper);

Added Diamond Nugget: used for crafting;

Added beta Corals: for now they are useless;

Added Corn, Cooked Corn, Pop Corn and Corn Seeds;

Added Bear Meat and Cooked Bear Meat;

Added /explode command;

Added Quatrefoils;

Added Magic Sand: used for crafing;

Added Blue Bricks;

Added Magma Bricks;

Added Pocket Cobblestone Generator;

Added another version of Secret Glass: dirt;

Added Spirit's Weapon;

Fixed bugs.


2.0: Revolution Update (200+ mod elements!)


Added Colored Planks;

Added Colored Swords;

Added Barrel (like a little chest);

Added Coral Block (it summons water);

Added Lucky Block (multi - surprises!);

Added Water Armor (with lots of effects!);

Added GraveStone (it summons Zombies and Spirits);

Added Mining Helmet (for not using torchs!)

Added a Silver MultiTool;

Added GlassBrick;

Added Lucky Wand (infinite lucky blocks!);

Added Golden Potato;

Fixed bugs and changed some textures!

2.1: Glow Update (about 250 mod elements!) - 15/08/2016

Added Herobrine (beta): a new boss;

Added Poison Creature (beta). when it attacks, it will poison you MUAHUAHUAH!;

Added Glow-Shroom: it spawns in glow biome and glow dimension;

Added Glowing Grass: very glowy!;

Added Black Dirt: useless LOL;

Added Glow Dimension: you can make the portal with essence blocks;

Added Essence: used for crafting;

Added MinePhone (only for creative);

Added Glow Biome: it's very cool;

Added HeroBrine Spawner: for spawning Herobrine;

Added Bedrock Destroyer: use it at own your risk and peril!;

Added Bedrock Ingot (for now useless);

Added Essence Block (for the portal);

Added Weather Block: it makes raining or not;

Changed textures, balanced mod and fixed bugs!


2.1.1: Bug Fixing Update #2 - 24/08/2016

Added Bedrock Armor;

Added more tabs;

Balanced mod and fixed bugs!

3.0: Utility Update - 09/06/2016

Added Nether Ores: for all raolcraft ores + all minecraft ores (but with the exception of Water Ore);

Added Hot Coal Block: an Hot Coal source; 

Added Dragon Potion: let's make some fire!; 

Added Rope of Teleport: an infinite low-range enderpearl!

Added a bin: for not using lava; 

Added Amethist, Amethist Ore and Amethist Block; 

Added Bronze, Bronze Ore and Bronze Block; 

Added SilverFish Wand: useful for defending and griefing; 

Added BedRock Block: a bedrock source;

Added Leather Block: a leather source; 

Added Dark Essence: dropped from Spirits (useless for now);

Added Panda: it's a bear's friend;

Added Bamboo: panda's food (bugged);

Added Plant Block: it's the frame for the new building dimensions;

Added Plain Dimension: it's a mix of superflat and normal word;

Added Void Dimension: for building everithing in air;

Added Super Chest: like a triple chets (warning: ugly GUI!);

Added StrawBerry Bush and Strawberries;

Added Cherries (dropped rarely from cherry leaves);

Added Silver Sword: it can be enchanted with rubies, emeralds, saphires and amethistes!;

Added Cherry Creeper: another edition of Creeper;

Now Bronze can be upgraded to silver and silver can be upgraded to gold;

Balanced mod and fixed bugs.

3.1 - Magic Update - 09/10/2016

Added BedRock Sword;

Added Water Sword: when you right-click with it, you'll get some XP!;

Added Spectral Dimension: the portal is made from dark blocks and the igniter is a Spectral Trident;

Added PinkStone: generated in the Spectral Dimension;

Added Crystal Ore: generated in the Spectral Dimension;

Added Crystal: used for crafting;

Added DarkStone: generated in the Spectral Dimension;

Added DarkStone Dust: used for crafting;

Added Dark Gravestone: it summons Spirits;

Added Crystal Block: a crystal source;

Added Crystalized Silver Sword;

Added Primed Nether Star: dropped from Herobrine;

Added New End Dimension: the portal is made from bedrock blocks and a very hard to get igniter;

Added Ender Ore: generated in the New End;

Added Ender Ingot: for now useless;

And more!






Ruby: an item used for crafting. Can be obtained mining Ruby Ore or smelting it.

Sapphire: similar to Ruby.

Lead: used for crafting. Can be obtained mining Lead Ore.



Modification files
big_mod_raolcraft_2_3.1_for_mc_1.10.2.jar - 3.1 - Magic Update (MC 1.10.2)2.66 MB
big_mod_raolcraft_2_3.0_for_mc_1.10.2.jar - 3.0 - Utility Update (MC 1.10.2)2.52 MB
big_mod_raolcraft_2_2.1.1_for_mc_1.10.2.jar - 2.1.1 - Bug Fixing Update (MC 1.10.2)2.11 MB
big_mod_raolcraft_2_2.1_for_mc_1.10.2.jar - 2.1 - Glow Update (MC 1.10.2)2.07 MB

Future Addings: TV, Packs, Blood, Key, more Plants, more decorations, herobrine, and other stuff for custom maps.

Future Addings: saphire, mining helmet, more ores, new dimension, OP sword (creative only), new armor and new tools.

Future Addings: Lavic ore, Lavic tools, Lavic ingots, new dimension, new bricks, and more!

Future Addings: spirit weapon, blue sand, blue bricks, more ores, every item/block taht already exists in raolcraft 1 but not in raolcraft 2 and more!

In the next update I will reach 200 mod elements! I will add lucky block, lucky tools, lavic armor, megadiamond tools, colored wood, gravestones, vampires and more!

Cant wait for the update. i have tried but i can't download (I'm on a mac) any ideas?

my mod is better than minecraft 1.11 (the snapshot only adds poison creeper and more eggs)!

Future Addings: glow dimension, glow mushrooms, glow biome, glow block, glow essence, poison creature and more!

Future addings: more creative tabs, tp rope, jumping pearl, jumping rope, bedrock tools, bedrock armor, lucky tools, lucky armor, and more!

Mcreator runClient doesn't work, so the update needs more time. I'm doing all my best for finding the error. :(