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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

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Mackcraft is a mod featuring tons and tons of new editions to the game, including some memes and other cool items!


Some of these items include:

The Sickle! A new multi-tool item for Stone, Iron, and Diamond rarities, use it as a alternative to those items

Many New Bows! Combine them for a very powerful weapon of mass destruction

New Blocks and Ores! Some of these are hard to come by, so keep a eye out for them!

And many more secrets and hidden discoveries for you to make!

Mackcraft Playlist, if you wanna know anything about Mackcraft!:

Want to Suggest a Change or New Item? Join the Discord Server and go down to #mackcraft-ideas-and-feedback:

Modification files
Mackcraft (1.0.1).jar - I recommend not playing on this version, i am only keeping it up for those who wish to experience the oldest version of the game481.17 KB
Mackcraft (1.0.3).jar - A older patch, i recommend playing on this version if you don't like version 1.1's additions or changes to certain items!494 KB
Mackcraft Patch 1.1.jar - The most newest version of Mackcraft, play this version for the best experience!779.12 KB

Version 1.1, The Dangerous Decent Update!

The Patch Notes for this one is long, but a simplified version of it is!

-Fishing Loot Table Reworked

-Desert has been slightly changed

-Held Items

-Two New Bosses

-Outlanders have Invaded The Minecraft Universe!