Raw Debris

Published by SuperNolax on Thu, 11/11/2021 - 18:59
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I Added Raw Debris To Minecraft, Why? 1.17 Introduced Raw Ores, But No Raw Debris, That Was Very Annoying Because That Would Have Been So Cool, So I Decided That I Should Make Raw Debris, Because Why Not?  So, Here It Is, I Hope This Idea Has Not Been Taken Yet, By SuperNolax, So Have Fun If You Can And Have A Good Life, And A Quick Reminder This Is A 1.16.5 Mod, See You In The Next Update For This Mod! Raw Debris Can Be Smelted In Normal Furnaces Or Blast Furnaces To Get 1 Netherite Scrap, Do Not Delete Old Versions, Or They Will Be Gone Forever.


v1.0.1 Changelog


Raw Debris No Longer Burns In Lava Or Fire.

v1.0.2 Changelog


Added The Moon, And Added Deeprack And Deeprack Variants Of Every Nether Ore (Nether Quartz, Nether Gold, Ancient Debris).

v1.0.3 Changelog


Added Raw Debris Blocks (the texture is horrible and i hate it) and added Emberite, Currently Useless, Might Be Used For Crafting Recipes In The Future.

v1.0.3 Bugpatch Changelog


Deep Nether Bricks No Longer Make Dirt Sounds.

v1.0.4 Changelog


Added Cheese Armor, Cheese Ore And Cheese (On The Moon) And Earth Fragments (The Moons Coal).

v1.0.4 Crafting Tweaks Changelog


Cheese Armor Can Be Crafted Like Normal Armor, That Is It.

Raw Debris Version 1.0.0 Is Deleted, I Hope You Got It Before It Was Deleted.