A.C.E.S' MC Overhaul

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A.C.E.S' MC Overhaul is a dynamic mod which aims to completely overhaul every aspect of Minecraft, without deviating from the classic 'Minecraft' feel of the game. If I've done my job correctly, this mod should feel like playing vanilla Minecraft, but years in the future. This mod may not "play well" with other mods which add similar blocks/items.

This mod is being actively updated, and new versions are released weekly.

It is divided into several subsections, which include:
The Agriculture Overhaul adds several new crop items and blocks to the game! Including:

  • The Sickle; a tool capable of harvesting crops in a 3x3 area
  • Dispenser seed compatability; Dispensers can now be used to plant crops
  • Fertlised Farmland; a non-tramplable growing medium that doesn't require water
  • Several crops and bushes; including double tall crops, and the essence berry bush (which grants xp when consumed)

and more!

The Automation Overhaul adds new redstone components, workstations, and utility blocks! Including:

  • The Incubator; which hatches eggs into chickens
  • Concrete mixer; which requires water to automatically harden concrete
  • Heat Sensor; which detects hot objects nearby
  • Conveyors; which move entities and items when powered
  • Crucible; which melts stone blocks into lava, but requires advanced fuels

and more!
A.C.E.S' Critters is a collection of "IRL" animals including:

  • Deer
  • Penguins
  • Hamsters
  • Beaver
  • Crabs
  • Elephants

and more!
 The Decoration Overhaul not only adds new slabs and stairs, but other decorative items including:

  • Corners; vertical stairs
  • Halves; vertical slabs
  • Stone Paths
  • Blinds
  • Hedges
  • Electrified Bars

and more!


The Exploration Overhaul adds several Overworld features, including:

  • Marble; a new stone variant such as Granite or Tuff
  • The King Krab; a new boss, designed to be fought before The Wither
  • Spider Den; a new cave biome, complete with new mobs and a structure which contains the Elder Spider, a new miniboss
  • Kelp Bricks; which float in water, and made with Dried Kelp blocks
  • Several Trees

and more!


The Illumination Overhaul adds several new light sources, including:

  • Cage Lights; complete with 12 unique colors, and 2 metal types
  • Colored End Rods
  • Colored Glowstone
  • Colored Redstone Lamps
  • Colored Torches

and more!

The Nether

The Nether Overhaul changes nearly every biome, and adds several items including:

  • 2 Netherite tier armor sets; Each with their own unique 'powers' (comparible to netherites fire-immunity)
  • Magmamites; which spawn in the Basalt Deltas, and drop Shards of Magma
  • Ignition Toad; a creeper like entity which explodes on contact
  • Spectre Cliffs; a new biome, with 2 new mobs and a new tree type
  • Hellthorn; a hanging vine which grows in the Nether Wastes

and more!


The Ore Overhaul adds TEN new ore types, including:

  • Aluminium; comparable to Copper
  • Lead; comparable to Iron
  • Tungsten; comparable to Iron
  • Cobalt; comparable to Gold
  • Platinum; comparable to Diamond

and more!


A.C.E.S' Pantry adds several new food iems including:

  • The Knife; used to cut food items
  • Bacon: acquired by cutting Porckchops with the Knife
  • Sliced Bread; the greatest thing since....since....yeah...
  • Juice; 5 types of juice which apply short buffs when consumed
  • Ice Box; automatically turns Buckets of Water into Ice

and more!

Random Things

A.C.E.S' Random Things is a collection of oddities which just feel like they belong, but don't fit specific categories. Including:

  • Dynamite; smaller than TNT, but throwable
  • Fan; pushes entities and items in front of it whilst powered
  • Flippers; a rare item which applies Dolphins Grace in water, but Slowness on land
  • Mud Ball; pelt your friends with mud! (similar to a snowball)
  • Spud Bomb; Crafted with potatoes and dynamite, an easy yet effective prank

and more!


The Storage Overhaul adds several new storage items including:

  • Cabinets; which will not open with a solid block in front of them
  • Crates; like metal chests
  • Drawers; fancy cabinets with more storage
  • Pouches; a craftable shulker like item which has 9 slots
  • Fluid Tank; capable of holding most fluids

and more!

Modification files
A.C.E.S.MCOverhaulBeta1.0.1.jar - The most recent release for A.C.E.S' MC Overhaul. (Download this one)Uploaded on: 02/12/2024 - 16:52   File size: 13.78 MB
A.C.E.SMCOverhaulBeta1.0.0_0.jar - The initial release for A.C.E.S' MC Overhaul.Uploaded on: 02/04/2024 - 21:56   File size: 13.7 MB

Beta Release 1.0.1
Designed for Forge, Minecraft 1.20.1

-Wild Strawberries; can be found in the wild
-Grass no longer drops Strawberry Seeds
-Pony Bottle; Used to extend Oxygen whilst swimming
-All crops now mirror existing crops growth stages
-All crops now mirror existing crops bonemeal reaction
-Minor item texture changes

-Crops no longer break below light level 7 with sky access
-Tomato crops grow properly
-Blueberry bushes spawn fully grown
-Items unable to destroy blocks now have normal destroy speed
-Tin, Aluminium, and Nickel now spawn everywhere
-White Tailed Buck are now Spawning
-Marble generation increased
-Custom Saplings no longer have collision
-Fixed map colour of some blocks
-Custom leaves now drop items when decaying

-Crabs and Flamingos spawn in Plains biomes
-Crabs spawn in caves
-Unable to destroy blocks whilst holding Strawberries

A.C.E.S' MC Overhaul Beta 1.0.0
The Initial release of the mod, designed for Forge, Minecraft 1.20.1

-Crops break at light level 7 or below regardless of sky access
-Tomato crops break once they become double tall
-Unable to destroy blocks whilst holding Acorn or Rice
-Crabs and Flamingos spawn in plains biomes
-Tin and Aluminum are only generating in Lush Caves
-Nickel is only generating in Dripstone Caves
-White Tailed Buck are not spawning
-Marble not generating properly (infrequently)
-Custom Saplings have collision
-Custom leaves only drop items if destroyed manually
-Some custom blocks do not appear on the map

Hey folks!
If you find encounter any bugs/issues or things that could work better, please leave a comment and I will check it out asap!