Aizyaaho's Cinematic Universe - ACU

Published by Kadoshiki on Tue, 09/27/2022 - 03:12
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When a player joins the world, they are given a random set of powers that they can use for various task.


Powers Like :


Dimension Jumping


Tough Skin




Time Manipulation


Weather Manipulation

Weapon Creation



Water Breathing

Fire Resistance

And More...


When You First Join The World

You are given a random amount of stats like - Health, Speed, Strength, Energy, Damage, Attack Speed, Armor + Toughness, Knockback Resistance.


There are several different dimensions as well in the mod like -


The Darkness - Realm Of Demons - Though They Are Too Busy Fighting Each Other To Care About You Being There

Nowhere - The Space Between Dimensions - Very Dangerous As You Most Likely Will Fall Into The Void While Being Here

Zulyn - Realm Of The Elves - Gonna Add Some Sexy Elves For The Ones In The Back

Moon - The Moon - Empty Place Where The Moon God Lives

Earth 2 and 3 - Alternate Dimensions Incase You Have To Hide From Someone


Try Hold Shift When Using A Keybind For An Alternate Feature


More Features Will Be Added Later On Please Please Please leave suggestion for abilities, mobs, items(literally itachi's sharigan that spawns a bunch of bats is a good one), anything really, its a cinematic universe meaning anything goes, 

Next Update Is Prob Going To Be Dark Magic


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