Miner's Fortune

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Miner's Fortune

About: Miner's Fortune was designed by EthanIslandGamer. This mod was made to enhance the mining capabilities of players who love Minecraft.



There are brand new items entering the Minecraft world!

Enchantments: There is one NEW set of enchants that will defiantly enhance your games. This set of enchants is called DEMOLITION.

                     --> Demolition I: Breaks a 1x2x1 hole in front of the player

                     --> Demolition II: Breaks a 3x3x2 hole in front of the player

                     --> Demolition III: Breaks a 3x3x3 hole in front of the player

Armor: There is 3 NEW sets of armor that will protect you from dangerous mobs as well as help you mine faster. 

                     --> Haste Armor: Gives the player Haste I when wearing the full set

                     --> Steel Armor: Grants a little more protection than iron

                     --> Reinforced Steel Armor: Grants a little less armor than netherite (don't worry, its still semi-expensive to craft)

Mobs / Entities: NEW entities will help you or destroy you in your world!
                     --> Corrupted Iron Golem: This big guy has gone through a lot of deaths from local Minecraft speed runners and seeks revenge

                     --> The Zombie King: Ouuu that crown looks shiny :}

                     --> Quarry Miner Villager: This guy will sell you his findings from the mines

Items: There are a couple new items, but I will go over the more important ones:

                     --> Flashlight: Projects light in the direction you are facing when holding. (make sure to turn on with right click ;] )

                     --> Fossil Items: Right click on a pedistal to show off to your friends
                     --> Steel and Reinforced Steel: Used to make armor

                     --> Haste Shard: Combine with Diamond Armor in a Smithing Table to get Haste Armor

Blocks: There are quite a bit of blocks. Here are all of them:
                     --> Peditsals: Pedestals are used to show off the fossils that you find in your digs (right click them with the fossil)

                     --> Fossils: Drop one of these things into a smelter and you will receive one of 3 possible fossil findings

                     --> Haste, Steel, and Reinforced Steel Blocks: Nothing to special about these, but they look pretty cool tho

                     --> EXP Ore: This ore will give you xp when you mine it

Dungeons: There is only one dungeon at the moment and that is the one that the Corrupted Iron Golem and Zombie King spawns in. There will be more in future updates. (Can be found in dripstone caves)


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Please suggest new features that would be help you guys even more! I would be more than happy to update the mod!