Block Generators Mod

Submitted by 42506 on Sat, 02/23/2019 - 00:14
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This Mod adds a new (pretty OP) block category to Minecraft: Block Generators!

Please report bugs.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns, please let me know.


"Basic Farms" This mod adds generators and recipes for all of the Overworld ores. This mod was made specifically for Skyblock Maps,

but it could also be used for normal Survival.

In the next update, I am planning on adding:

  • Quartz Generator
  • Gravel Generator
  • Dirt Generator
  • Clay Generator
  • Sand Generator

Changelog Navigator : 

: Major Mod Updates / 2 : Small Mod Changes / 3 : Mod Forum changes


This mod was made with MCreator

Notice: The Latest Version of this Mod was made in MCreator 1.8.1

Note to Pylo Developers: Please extend the limit of ticks until the block updates. Currently the limit is 1000 ticks.

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development

0.0.0 - Basic Farms!

- Mod Changes

  • Added Coal Generator
  • Added Iron Generator
  • Added Gold Generator
  • Added Diamond Generator
  • Added Redstone Generator
  • Added Emerald Generator
  • Added Lapis Generator
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