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Published by Matej on Sun, 06/10/2018 - 11:41
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This mod was created for the new MCreator tutorial series on YouTube.

The mod

The mod introduces a new crafting-table-like block which can be used for fusing Redstone Dust, Diamonds and Gold with Iron Blocks. You put 1 iron block in the top left slot and one of the 3 materials to create Red Iron, Diamond Blocks or Gold Blocks.

The recipes

Fusion Table is crafted using 2 Red Iron blocks, 2 TNTs, 2 Brick Blocks and a Stone Pressure Plate like this:

Fusion Table Recipe

The Red Iron block is crafted using an Iron block, 2 Redstone Blocks and 2 Redstone Dust items:

Red Iron Recipe

The Fusion recipes

Here are all 3 implemented recipes:

  • Red Iron

Red Iron Fusion Recipe

  • Gold Block

Gold Block Fusion Recipe

  • Diamond Block

Diamond Block Fusion Recipe

The tutorial

Watch the tutorial here.


Modification files
fusion-table.jar - Fusion Table - 1.12.2Uploaded on: 06/10/2018 - 12:14   File size: 91.07 KB
fusion-table-workspace.zip - Fusion Table - ZIP Shareable WorkspaceUploaded on: 08/15/2019 - 08:09   File size: 24.38 KB

Release 1.0:

  • Added Red Iron
  • Added Fusion Table
  • Added Red Iron, Diamond Block and Gold Block Fusion recipes

I have found a mistake:
if in the output slot (slot 02) 64x the result is still iron and other materials consumed but you get no result

I copyied code to code exactly and I cant get it to work, I downloaded the workspace and quadruple checked the code and mine wont work, im already too far in my mod can someone help explain why it wont work for me.