Eastern Expansion

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Eastern Expansion

Shrine Enter








Current Version: 1.1.0   ➤   1.1.2


Current Features:

  • 1 Dimension
  • 3 Biomes     ➤     6 Biomes
  • 18 Structures     ➤     24 Structures
    • 2 Small Dungeons     ➤     3 Small Dungeons
    • 1 Large Dungeon
  • 50 Blocks     ➤     67 Blocks
  • 8 Plants     ➤     11 Plants
  • 21 Weapons and Tools     ➤     37 Weapons and Tools
  • 8 Armour Sets     ➤     10 Armour Sets
  • 68 Recipes     ➤     111 Recipes
  • 15 Entities     ➤     17 Entities
  • 4 GUI/Overlay
  • 7 Effects     ➤     8 Effects
  • 2 Particle Effects     ➤     7 Particle Effects
  • 40 Items     ➤     66 Items



Gameplay Changes (V1.1.1)



Next Update:

For the next update, planning on adding advancements and more fun items. Not going to be a major update, just going to be a bit of fun.


Software Used:

  • MCreator 2022.3
  • Blockbench
  • Adobe Photoshop 2021
  • Audacity


Games that Influenced items/functions:

  • Touhou Project
  • Terraria


Other Download Links:


Modification files
easternexpansion-v1.1.2.jar - Version 1.1.2 (1.18-1.19)Uploaded on: 02/25/2023 - 05:39   File size: 2.51 MB
easternexpansion-v1.1.1.jar - Version 1.1.1 (1.18-1.19)Uploaded on: 02/05/2023 - 01:54   File size: 2.35 MB
easternexpansion-v1.1.0.jar - Initial Release (Version 1.1.0) (1.18-1.19)Uploaded on: 01/24/2023 - 03:43   File size: 1.89 MB


Version 1.1.2

Added Bamboo Shoot Generation


Added Hand Fan

Added Firecrackers

Added Firecrackers Noise

Added Iron Compound

Added Bamboo Bomb

Added Raw Chromite Block

Added Immunity Potion

Added Blowgun

Added Jade Amulet


Fixed Ore Block Recipes

Fixed Ethereal Shovel Recipe

Added More Recipes


Added Advancement Parent

Added Tamahagane Advancement

Added Katana Advancement

Added Spirit Steel Advancement

Added Ethereal Ingot Advancement

Added Exorcist Advancement

Added Oni Boss Advancement

Added Jade Sentry Advancement


Revamped Loot Generation

Revamped Drop Tables

Revamped Mob Tags and Spawning

Fixed Spawning (This should've been fixed a while ago)


Changed Ethereal Chestplate Texture

Changed Ethereal Leggings Texture

Changed Hedonistic Helmet Texture

Changed Hedonistic Chestplate Texture

Changed Hedonistic Leggings Texture

Changed Hedonistic Boots Texture

Replaced Chromite Texture with Raw Chromite

Changed Jade Texture

Changed Miko Chestplate Texture

Changed Miko Leggings Texture

Changed Oni Horn Texture

Changed Chromite Block Texture

Changed Chromite Ore Texture

Changed Jade Ore Texture


Added Golden Summits

Added Lush Swamp

Changed All Biome Temperatures and Base Heights/Variation


Added Swamp Tree 1

Added Cloud 1

Added Cloud 2

Added Floating Island 1

Added Floating Island 2


Added Qiang Spear

Added Ethereal Tool Set (Harvest Level 3)

Added Malachite Tool Set (Harvest Level 2)

Added Malachite Sword

Added Aero Gauntlet

Added Celestial Hat

Added Keystone

Added Sky Steel Arrow

Added Lunar Megaphone

Added Lunar Megaphone Bullet Model

Added Lunar Megaphone Shoot Sound Effect (Touhou Laser2)


Added Sky Steel

Added Lotus Flower

Added Xiao Wing

Added Malachite Ingot

Added Serpentide Crystal

Added Cloud Incense Stick

Added Swamp Incense Stick

Added Magma Incense Stick

Added Treasure Incense Stick

Added Sakura Incense Stick

Added Celestial Peaches Food

Added Mochi Food

Changed Gold Transfusion Item Sprite


Added Malachite Ore

Added Serpentide Ore

Added Agate Block

Added Mud Block

Added Swamp Grass Block

Added Sun Bricks

Added Sun Brick Slab

Added Sun Brick Stairs

Added Sun Brick Wall

Added Cloud Block

Added Incense Pot

Added Travertine Brick Wall

Added Cherry Blossom Slab

Added Cherry Blossom Fence Gate

Added Cherry Blossom Trap Door

Added Cherry Blossom Button

Added Cherry Blossom Pressure Plate

Added Cherry Blossom Door

Added Lotus Block

Added Day Lily

Added Cherry Blossom Sapling


Added Xiao Entity

Added Moon Rabbit Entity

Added Moon Rabbit Illusion Entity


Added Immunity Effect


Added Cloud Incense Particle

Added Swamp Incense Particle

Added Magma Incense Particle

Added Treasure Incense Particle

Added Sakura Incense Particle


Added Biome Tags

Added Wall Block Tags

Added Arrow Item Tags


Added Moon Rabbit Loot Table

Changed Gaki Loot Table

Added Xiao Loot Table

Changed Tsuchigumo Loot Table

Changed Oni Loot Table

Changed Stag Beetle Loot Table

Changed Imperial Soldier Spirit Loot Table

Changed Wandering Spirit Loot Table

Changed Yurei Loot Table

Changed Onryo Loot Table


Added refillSpiritualEnergy Command


Removed Sharable Zip File (Version 1.1.0)


Added .jar release file

Uploaded on: 01/21/2023

It's so good,that it looks like an official Minecraft update!

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