Mushroom Villagers

Published by __Jacobb__ on Tue, 01/24/2023 - 10:19
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Adds a small villager tribe to the Mushroom Fields biome in Minecraft

Adds two Villagers

You can use it in a modpack

Mushroom Villager


20 HP 3 DMG

He attacks Zombies and is not afraid of them

He is neutral to the player

Found in the Mushroom Fields camp

               Mushroom Hermit

The so-called elder of the camp. It is stronger than Mushroom Villager and it is possible to trade with this creature. He is a primitive type of Villager and trades similarly to Piglin. Instead of gold, Hermit receives Emeralds.
Things the player can get from him:
leather, roast beef, golden apples, diamonds, mushrooms, mushroom soup, leather horse armor

Occurs in the camp in Mushroom Fields

Modification files
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