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Published by COMMANDO66 on Sun, 02/05/2023 - 21:02
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Event Horizon adds the Conquistadors, a ruthless army that invades the world wherever and whenever there is darkness. Conquistadors are able to break light sources, pushing the boundaries of player civilization back with every attack. They don't sit around in the distance like most mobs; if you can see them, they can probably see you, too.

Instead of a rather passive force that can't really do much if you play right, the mobs are now an active threat that will pose a challenge. Now, bases aren't just for show or to store your stuff; they are necessary to survive the nightly siege. Anything important must be guarded now, lest it become darkened by the Conquistadors and made into a spawning room. Every little dark corner could become the source of a deadly Conquistador invasion from within. Ensure you have somewhere to fall back to other than the open wilderness.

The Conquistadors don't just target you. They also target tameable mobs, livestock, and villagers. If you have any of these, make sure you defend them. Walls, traps, golems (which the Conquistadors also target!), towers, and fences will all keep the Conquistadors at bay, though they will ruthlessly exploit any weakness they come across. Keep in mind that Conquistadors are ranged combatants, so open windows could be used to attack you.

As you progress, you will soon find yourself able to fight back against the Conquistadors. This is not without reward. Cybernetics, super-Netherite armor that is invisible to others when you wear it, can be dropped by dead Conquistadors, as can their kinetic rifles and the batteries to power them. Additionally, dead Conquistadors drop light sources obtained from other raids and ores found in the storage rooms of fallen fortresses.


In addition to the main attraction, the Conquistadors, the mod also adds a few convenient recipes to speed progression along and get you fighting the horde sooner. No longer do you have to search for hours through a Nether (which is even more dangerous with a Conquistador presence) to find a fortress; blaze spawn eggs can be crafted. Prospective potion brewers don't need to go any further than the nearest crimson forest for nether wart. Those who are having issues with food can craft cow spawn eggs or, in an emergency, cook rotten flesh into edible meat.


It is encouraged to combine Event Horizon with other mods for the optimal gameplay experience.

Gameplay Tips

  • Start building a base right away. If you don't have shelter, your first night will be full of death. You can spend the night mining or smelting ores.
  • Make pits that Conquistadors cannot get out of to trap them. This can be used to kill them or just keep them out of your way.
  • Don't travel at night. Ever. For any reason.
  • Conquistadors can't shoot through shields; use them to buy time.
  • If you can avoid it, don't try to run from the Conquistadors; more will likely come from ahead and surround you.
  • Don't count on torches on the ground to keep Conquistadors out of an area; Conquistadors that spawn outside of it can probably see targets within and will simply walk through the torch area, destroying the light sources in the process.
  • Put walls around anything you want to have access to at night.
  • Conquistadors only spawn at night or in dark places, but they don't burn in sunlight. Beware of leftover Conquistadors in the morning.
  • Leftover Conquistadors can be problematic if you aren't advanced enough to kill them. The simplest way to deal with them is to lure them into a trap they can't escape, and then go and do your daily business while they are stuck.
  • Make bridges or covered walkways between important structures so you can get between them safely.
  • Have multiple layers of defense, so if Conquistadors get past a wall you have places to fall back to.
  • Build kill zones or traps with hoppers to get Conquistador loot.
  • Remember that Conquistadors are ranged combatants, especially when designing kill zones or traps. If you can see them, they can probably see -- and shoot -- you.

Other Mods to Combine This With

I have played these mods with Event Horizon, and know they are compatible. Event Horizon should be compatible with the vast majority of mods you can think of, though I wouldn't recommend using exploration-focused mods, as Event Horizon makes exploration much more difficult and dangerous.

  • COMMANDO66's Sorcery Mod - A bit of shameless self-promotion, but my other mod (on this website, too) adds some useful weapons that could be helpful when dealing with Conquistadors. Including trench mortars, because it got slightly derailed from the original idea at one point.
  • Create - Trains are great for making transport lines to distant colonies, and you can also make functioning gates and drawbridges. The industry of Create takes up space, and provides motivation to enlarge your fortresses.
  • Easy Villagers - Did you think transporting villagers was a pain? It's even more of a pain when you have to deal with an army of angry riflemen who want to kill them just as much as they want to kill you. Easy Villagers can be found on CurseForge and makes using villagers actually viable in the Conquistador-infested world Event Horizon makes.
  • Effortless Building - This CurseForge mod makes building large fortresses faster. It goes well with Event Horizon for that reason.
  • GraveStone Mod - Also on CurseForge, this mod protects your stuff when you die. Considering that the Conquistadors can guard your stuff for the whole Minecraft night (or even longer; they don't burn!), this mod could save you a large quantity of headaches from despawned items. Note that this mod doesn't protect cybernetics that you are wearing, for technical reasons.
  • Whatever other mods you can think of!


Event Horizon has an official Discord server.

Modification files
Event Horizon 1.0.0.jar - Version 1.0.0 - The OriginUploaded on: 02/05/2023 - 21:06   File size: 96.63 KB
  • Version 1.0.1 [UNRELEASED]
    • Conquistadors can now drop bones, rotten flesh, gunpowder, ender pearls, and spider eyes. (Lore: This is from other players' bases that fell to Conquistador sieges.)
    • There are now advancements for several activities related to the Conquistadors, including encountering (damaging or taking damage from) one, slaying one for the first time, obtaining cybernetics, and obtained a kinetic rifle.
    • Conquistadors no longer drop iron swords or implanters as often; this is to prevent inventory clogging that often resulted.
    • Conquistadors can now drop andesite and copper.
    • Conquistadors now drop iron and gold more.
    • Conquistadors now drop torches, campfires, flint and steel, and lava buckets more often.
    • Conquistadors drop torches and campfires even more often, so that flint and steel and lava bucket drops are less frequent; once again, this is to prevent inventory clogging with nonstackable loot.
    • Conquistadors can now drop wool, cooked mutton, leather, and cooked beef.
    • The frequencies for different loot table pools have been edited.
  • Version 1.0.0 - Origin
    • Conquistadors have been added.
    • Conquistadors now break light sources.
    • Conquistadors are no longer capable of friendly fire.
    • Conquistadors can now drop ores and cobblestone.