The Wat Mod!

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     This will go over some things i have in the mod. Stormy is a nice cat but when attacked you might want to run and will drop raw salmon. Luna attacks stormy and when attacked you might also want to run luna also drops a Sir Kitty Spawner. A Sir Kitty Spawner spawns a sir kitty and also is dropped by literally everything. Sir Kitty is like white kitty and sir meows mixed together. White Kitty is really slow and i mean real SLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWW and drops a Sir Kitty Spawner and attacks sir meows white kitty also does 4 HP of damage. Sir Meows is a cat that drops a Sir Kitty Spawner and also is attacked by Wuneya Meows. Wuneya Meows attacks Sir Meows, Luna, White Kitty, Stormy and drops a a Sir Kitty Spawner. The Cat God is the god of all cats and shoots projectiles when attacked it will also attack a cat called "Red". Red The Cat Attacks The Cat God and does nothing else. White is a cat like red but white and will attack/one shot white kitty and when attacked will one shot you. Luna? is my minecraft skin and has a catsword and drops a Sir kitty Spawner. Fire Sir Meows just has more health and does more damage. Pixel Luna 3D Has 10 HP And Might be the cutest thing in the mod. The Maine-Coon is just an ocelot with a custom model. Dabloon cat kills EVERYTHING. Almost Everything also has a corrupted type also. I used images from a unreleased version for 1.18.2 its file size is too big so some items and other things are not in the mod. This is the the link to another mod a made The Random Mod


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Bring THe Watness



I Am Making A 1.19.2 Version Called "The Wonderful Wat Mod Reborn"



Warning: Dogs Will Come To The Mod, BUT Dogs Will Not Be The Strongest Thing


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Curseforge Name: Wonderful Wat Cats


And Also Please Support My Mod By Upvoting It Because We Are So Close To 10 Upvotes And My Mod Took 8 Months Of Creating


Cat Meow Block

Modification files
thewonderfulwatmodcateningpart11.18.2.jar - Oldest VersionUploaded on: 03/04/2023 - 17:53   File size: 4.69 MB
watcatening1.15a2.jar - Older VersionUploaded on: 03/14/2023 - 02:18   File size: 13.02 MB
WatCateningPart2.jar - Older VersionUploaded on: 07/14/2023 - 15:46   File size: 13.17 MB
watcateningpart3b2_0.jar - Newest Version: Catening Part 3 Full Release On Curseforge Because File Size Is Too Big :(Uploaded on: 09/27/2023 - 22:06   File size: 13.3 MB

Added The Wat God And Corrupted Wat God

i feel bad because i have to move to curseforge and move away from the tool that had my favorite memories of my mod :(

whoever makes this mod get 320 downloads gets to have something that they want added in the mod