Nuked - Zombie Apocalypse

Published by Robobuzzer on Fri, 03/24/2023 - 16:01
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Hello Mcreators, Robobuzzer here.

Inspired by 7 Days 2 Mine, Nuked is a zombie apocalypse mod that is in development as of 2023-03-24.

0.6.2 (TerrorExpansionFix) is now released! check it out!

I assume some of you who experienced the Terror World biome's mood sound were awake at 4AM, so i removed the scary ambient sound, (Which i did not test).

I also made it so that there are groups of 3-7 zombies per chunk in the Terror World biome. The Terror World biome is also found more frequently now.

The M1911 how has a 3D texture! this is the first one that has been released in this mod, please let me know what parts i could make better.

I also know how i could make custom entities! i will be doing so on Sunday EST because I have a friend coming over to help me out with so.

the 3D models that will be used are from BlockBench, please look up tutorials on how to use it, it is not as simple as it seems.

Thanks for reading the description, Download instructions for curseforge users below.


Here are some instructions on how to install the mod on your modpack (Curseforge App).

Step 1: download mod .jar file

Step 2: Open the modpack's "mods" folder

Step 3: move Nuked's jar file of your choice into the "mods" folder

Step 4: close file explorer and play!

Please pay attention to changelogs and descriptions because you could possibly miss out on something important.

I only have 1 request from you all. DO NOT make a pay-to-use ripoff of this, nor a pay-to-use modpack using this mod. but go ahead and use it in a normal modpack that can be downloaded for free. if you are making a mod inspired by Nuked, please make it obvious, and not in some non-obvious part.




Modification files
NukedV0.52.21.jar - NukedV0.5.0.jar (200KB)Uploaded on: 03/24/2023 - 16:27   File size: 200.81 KB
NukedV0.52.2.jar - NukedV0.53.0.jar (200KB)Uploaded on: 04/08/2023 - 23:51   File size: 200.81 KB
NukedV0.6.0 Terror Expansion.jar - TerrorExpansionUploaded on: 04/12/2023 - 21:01   File size: 3.96 MB
Nuked TerrorExpansionFix and 3DModelingV0.6.2.jar - Fixes for TerrorExpansion and 3D models, Yay!Uploaded on: 04/17/2023 - 23:09   File size: 3.97 MB

1. MRE no longer has layers

2. Terror World Biome added!

3. changed a bunch of stuff, including descriptions, recipes, textures, and yeah what else do u want

4. Added Nuked Manual

5. Use JEI for recipes.

6. Changed Terror world biome spawning, removed "cry of the unheard" Sound effect, and added the first 3D model!

Hey everyone, currently working on adding structures into this mod. I am thinking of making a Abandoned factory. Can you guys send me some files so that i could possibly try to make my own design? That would be great RN...

It could also serve a purpose for my mod, and i may settle on using the pre-built structure you made! you can make it with vanilla Minecraft blocks, but if you want something modded PLEASE use my mod and my mod only, otherwise whatever mod you are using could be a problem for me... a SEVERE problem...

Please notify me of anything you want in the mod, i may be able to make what you want.