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You can heard an explosion far, far away... but it's not a creeper.

Iron & Fire - The War is coming


The war is coming now in Minecraft ! Only weapon ? No ! That wouldn't be funny !

This mod add basically weapons, but also automatics turrets, Artillery system, missiles, special armor and funny procedures. I will describe only the most important adds or adds that are difficult to use.

  • Reinforced Iron & silicon :

    - Reinforced Iron : This is the most important ingot of the mod. Every weapon and a lot of others craft need it. In order to craft it, you need iron, netherite, and two new furnaces. The Smelter furnace allow you to smelt iron and netherite ingots by consuming a blaze powder. The result, a smelted iron or a smelted netherite, can make you burn a little. You need to put both of them in the "mixer"(not a good translation, sorry) furnace. The combination give you a mix, and you have to put this mix into the same furnace but with ice to obtain a reinforced iron ingot.
    The furnaces needs redstone to work.

    - Silicon : This component allow you to create some items like the spy armor or the AI card. In order to obtain it, you have to put 4 sand, 4 coal and 1 gunpowder into the crafting table. put them in this position :

    S | C | S
    C | G | C
    S | C | S

    Then, you obtain a mix that need to be put in the "mixer" with grey dye to became a rough mix. This rough mix have to be put into the smelter furnace (with blaze powder, once time again) to became a silicon.

  • Crafts :

    Achievements aren't added actually, so you haven't access to the crafts in the game. I'm sorry about that, it will be updated quickly. The solution is to take every new items in your inventory with the creative mod. In reality, the quasi totality of these are so difficult to craft in survival, so take them in creative before FIGHTING with your friends !!!

  • Turrets :

    A very cool add, these automatics turrets are shooting on every aggressive mobs. You can create 3 types of turrets :

    - MI-A8 turret : This turret shoot quickly with a big machine gun.

    - PMF-BD turret : This turret shoot with a fire rifle, making the targets... hotly glowing.

    - PME-BD turret : This turret shot with an explosive rifle, destroying a little the ground an the monsters.

    These weapons are craftable and usable by the player.

    You can click on them with a crate in the hand to put them inside. You just have to right-click on the crate to place them.

  •  Specials items :

    - Spy Armor : When you are equipped with all the pieces, you can be invisible to the eyes of the others players just by sneaking.

    - Grappling gun : This gun can teleport yourself at 15 blocs of distance, or bring creatures to you in the same range.

    - Bomb : This item work like a grenade, but with a biggest explosion and a really low range. If you don't want to receive the one you throw on your own feet, take elytra. When it hit the ground, there is a small probability to burying into the dirt or the sand instead of exploding.

    - DCA MI-A4 : An anti-aircraft gun. Its bullets are exploding in the sky. 

    - Wire : This bloc can be crafted with 3 string. If you place it to the top of a wall for example, it will place the same block until it touch the ground. For each block placed, one is removed from your inventory.

    A new command is added : /ZombiInvasion that you can call in creative mod. A horde of zombie will spawn at x+75 and z+75. Good luck to survive.

  • Artillery & missiles :

    One of the funniest adds !

    - There is two means of calling artillery (working only if you have artillery shells in you inventory. Every artillery bombardments use 10 shells) :

       1. The Artillery remote : When you right-click in the air, it shoot a laser that call artillery a the place it hit.

       2. The Portable artillery command block : You have to set the x and z coordinates and it will call the artillery at this point. It need redstone to work.

    Like the bomb, artillery shells can burying into dirt and sand instead of exploding.

    If you are in creative mod, you can also call the artillery with this command (working only with shells in the inventory) : /Artillery ~ ~ ~

    - 3 missiles are already in the mod : missile E40, E60 and E80. "E..." is the size of the explosion (in MCreator procedures). You have to put them into the missile's launcher by right-click on it with a missile in the hand. Than, the launcher work like the artillery command block. 

  • Soldiers & rebels :

    These entity are fighters of two teams. The can spawn in the world, but rarely. In the gamerules, you can set you as a rebel or a soldier. In each case, the opposite team will trying to kill you.

    There is also two items to recruit them by converting villagers : The Soldier's Recruiter and Rebel's Recruiter (green and brown flag). It cost you 3 bread, 8 emeralds and 10 C-1 bullets for each villager you right-click on. The villager disappear and a Soldier or a Rebel spawn at the same place. 

  • Gamerules :

    6 gamerules are coming with this mod :

    - PlayerSoldat : The soldiers will follow you if you have the Soldier's Recruiter in the hand (a green flag). Rebels are fighting you. 

    - PlayerRebel : The rebels will follow you if you have the Rebel's Recruiter in the hand (a brown flag). Soldiers are fighting you.

    - AgressiveTurret : The turrets will shoot you like you are a mob.

    - StartWithWeaponCrate : Crate that contain a rifle, armor of your team if team are set, and more.

    - StartWithSniperCrate : Crate that contain a sniper instead of the rifle.

    - StartWithCommanderCrate : Crate that contain artillery remote, artillery shells and make appear 5 soldiers of your team if the team is define. 

    - StartInPlane : This gamerule doesn't work actually.

  • Bugs and problems :

Since this mod is in development, there are a lot of bugs and problems. The first is the names of the items. Most of them are in french, or in a bad english (like this page I know...). Some blocs and items aren't working perfectly. They are grouped in the "Work In Progress" tab, and you can play with them, at your perils.
Some procedures using a random system (like the artillery) have a small probability to crash.

Please, in order to help me to improve my mod, report every issue you encounter by describing them precisely.


A lot of new things are coming soon : Better entity AI, structures, achievements, vehicles, biggest missiles, turrets of rebels or soldiers team, and so much more !



So, you have read this page to the end. Thanks you. I have just a question for you : Did this mod is already a MOTW just because it's the Mod Of The War ?


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