Plasma Hunter

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This mod requires some different mods to work correctly. Here are the links:







Explore a new world of science of plasma! Create new weapons, explore new biomes, and fight new creatures!


Getting Started:

Go mining! Maybe you'll find some plasma dust. After you obtain some plasma dust, craft a vial:







After you craft this vial, fill it with plasma dust:









Welcome to the world of plasma!



To extract, you need to build a vial inspecter:









Use this vial inspecter to extract plasma from vials into colors. The colors for plasma are: Blue and Purple. To proggress, extract the plasma vial you made earlier like this:









The Next Level:

Use the new plasma to create a Plasma-Powered Portal Lighter. To create this you need:









To make the frame, use plasma blocks made out of plasma dust! Their made the exact same as any other ore-type block. After you light the portal, it should look like this:












Now step in and have fun!



To craft a Plasma Blaster, use this recipe:











There are plasma dust weapons and armor aswell! Craft them like any other tools and armor but with the plasma dust.


First Update (v1.1.0):

New Ores:

There are now new ores! There is now energy ore, titanium ore, and lead ore! All of them create new tools, armor, and weapons! They are also used in new recipes.


Plasma Creation:

Its time to get to the good part! Artificial plasma creation is where all the good stuff comes from! Artificial plasma creates tools, armor, and weapons! Their crafted as normal but with artificial plasma, but they are much more powerful! How do you make artificial plasma? First your going to need a plasma creation system, heres the recipe:











Now what? You gotta create the artificial plasma! Just open the plasma creation system, and craft it! Heres the recipe:












Second Update (v1.1.5):

I can imagine this loop of grinding netherite can get annoying, so I added an AI. The ai's name is P.I.E. P.I.E stands for Plasma Inspection Explorer. It does tasks with no cost but it's recipe. Here it is:











Third Update (v1.2.0)

The opposite of plasma: Anti Plasma. It's very reactive with armor, making it almost unbeatable. It's able to be created like this:











There is a prototype that you can make. It's called the Anit-Plasma Helmet. Very creative. It on its own gives as much as a full diamond set. Here is the recipe:










Wilderness Update (v1.3.0):

Board of the mobs and the biome? Well now there is more. There is now the D-3 mob which is a flying mob that will try to kill you. There is also the D-4 mob which is a new type of creeper. Where do these all spawn? There is a new biome called the Plasma Forest. It is well, a forest. But there are new plants, a new type of ore called wilderness, and the new mobs!


There is now a new ore. It's called wilderness. You can once again, craft tools, armor, and weapons you can craft like normal but with this new ore.


4th Update (v1.3.5):

To start, there is a new structure. It's called the lab. It is very rare and contains very good loot. There are no dangers. This lab can be found in the overworld and the plasma world. Here is what it looks like:

























Anti-Plasma Realm:

There is now the Anti-Plasma Realm. It's made of only bedrock. You can sleep and respawn in it. It's basicly a baseplate with nothing. To get there requires great risk and high amounts of materials. You need an Anti-Plasma Collider. Here is the recipe:











To travel to this new realm is simple. You need to make sure you don't have any useful items on you because you may die due to spawning in bedrock. Once your ready, place the collider down and right click it. You will be teleported to this new realm. You will also be given a portal creator to return.

Inside of the Anti-Plasma Realm:













Nether/Plant Update (v1.4.0):

Added new plants and a new nether biome! This update is very small. Next one is going to be big. So, here are some screenshots:

Nether Biome












New Plants














Texture and Biome Update (v1.4.5):

You guys asked for some texture updates, sure here you go. I also edited some biomes with better trees, more plants, and a new entity similar to the blaze. It's called D-5 or "The Guardian". Anyways here is a picture for the edited biome:















Small Bug fixes for the big update coming up (v1.5.0):

-- Netherbound Light and Plasma Gloom now glow

-- Mob spawning is fixed



Some extra features prepare for the update (v1.6.0):

There is now a new block called the construct creator. It creates the entity known as D-6. It will protect you in battle. To get the construct creator, defeat D-5. Also added some better textures.


Overworld/Creative Update (v1.6.5):

There is now a new biome called the Creeping Caves. It adds some extra plants and new blocks. I also added an animated armor set. The Plasma Exploration Suit. It has a visor and moving arms. I will add it to survival gameplay soon, but for now it's creative only.

Note from dev:

The big update will just be rapid small updates slowly building up to the big update so you guys don't have to wait for it all to be made.



End and Bauble Update (v1.7.0):

There is now baubles in game! Nothing of this update has to do with plasma, but it's still cool. There is the nether's charm, which lights attackers on fire for a bit. Here is the recipe:











Then there is the End's Charm, which floats attackers into the air dealing alot of damage. Here is the recipe:











Finaly, there is the new end. This adds alot of new blocks and stuff like that, making it look so much better. Here is a picture:
















Misc/Texture Update (v1.7.5):

Re-textured some of the plants. Also made D-5 shoot fire balls that gives the new "Plasmanation" effect. There is also a bottle of lightning magic item. The bottle of lightning is crafted in any order using a bottle of dragon's breath, blue plasma, and purple plasma.


Modification files
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PlasmaHunter175.jar - version 1.7.5Uploaded on: 05/24/2023 - 14:26   File size: 2.38 MB

I really liked the mod, but the only thing I don't like a bit is that the textures don't fit well (I hope you, as the author, will work on this a bit)

Hey man! I really liked the idea of the mod, but the textures could be improved. If you want some help just send me a message.