Wireless Electricity

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Welcome to wireless Electricity ! In this mod you will combine grind and exploration ! TEXTURE UPDATE PART 1 CAME OUT ! ALL BLOCKS ARE NOW RETEXTURED; The pump now need water under the pump


This mod includes

- Solar panels

- Battery

- Nuclear Reactor

- new Ores

- Auto Miner

- AK-47 (a 3d model to !)

- Scafolding and some decoration blocks

- Conveyor and Jump pads that work with Item, Player, Entitys

- Petrol (will be continued in the next update)

- Scrap (will be used to make pressurized Iron, Iron, AK-47)


Now heres will be some challenges and tips and tricks

- Challenge #1: making a nuclear reactor

- Tips #1: the nuclear reactor doesn't explodes, its safe (for now...)

- Challenge #2: try making a diamond generator 

- Tips #2: try using some mods that add autocrafter ! then place the coal block on the top of the "Pressurizer", then you just got one diamond for 500 energy !

Modification files
wireless_electricity.jar - V1: Prototype VersionUploaded on: 06/17/2022 - 17:26   File size: 414.4 KB
wireless_electricity_0.jar - V1.1: Alpha, Texture Update Part 1Uploaded on: 06/26/2022 - 13:32   File size: 426.23 KB

Looks pretty neat so far, from the size of the mod it looks pretty big. Im very excited for the texture update though.