Published by zaDR0tic on Tue, 05/11/2021 - 11:13
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this mod add some block's which can make your life easier(2 in this moment).

so this mod inspired by the game factoio and mods like create, immersive and industrial craft!

if you have any ideas, write in the comments!

I plan to add some of the Factorio gameplay and try to make the mod interesting!

plans for the next version:
1.energy cable!


i hope you enjoy this mod!

Modification files
Factorization-1.16.5-0.2.jar - V0.2Uploaded on: 05/12/2021 - 10:54   File size: 876.44 KB

v0.1 - beginning

add Generator

add Press

add Solar Panel

add Conveer

add Copper Ore

add Solar Panel Glass


add Electronium

add Copper

add Copper Tool's

add Plate's (Copper Plate, Iron Plate, Coal Plate)

add Hammer
add Energy Viewer
add Electro-Plate

add Cloth



add Cut Machine

add Cristalium Ore

add Fan's (Fan, Reverse Fan)

add Wooden Create

add Fast Conveer


add half plate (Coal, Copper, Electronium, Iron)

add Cristalium