Portal 2 mod

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In development
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Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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Play around and build portal levels. (recommended to build in Creative mode)


In this mod you will find:

A portal gun that is needing work,

A dropper that has a GUI, you put a (storage or companion) cube in a slot, and to activate the dropper you have to give it a redstone signal,

A speed gel that gives you speed with no particles and no noise,

A bounce gel when you step on it, it make you bounce really high,

A hard light beam bridge that is activated by redstone (WIP),

A radio that has a GUI, you have to put a disc (Portal 2 want you gone) in a slot, and to activate the radio you have to give it a redstone signal,

A aerial faith plate (does not work at the moment),

A Wheatly entity,

And a turret.

Modification files
portal 2 mod 1.15.2_1.jar - original3.37 MB
portal 2 mod - The cake is a lie3.37 MB
portal 2 mod - Lie cake3.38 MB

portal 2

adds: Lie cake

so i just downlaoded the mod and i just looked at photo and what it added. i gotta say. WOW i LOVE THIS