Iter RPG

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This mod adds... Things:
!!! Required GeckoLib and CuriosAPI !!!

Ametrine and voidquartz
some melee weapons
Melee weapons
ranged and magic weapons
Ranged and magic weapons
mod items
Mod items
Some of the blocks
Mod's blocks


Geodes and geodites

Upon killing a mob in any of the 3 dimensions, a geode of respectful stone type has a slim chance to drop. Overworld has stone and deepslate geodes, nether has netherrack and blackstone geodes, end has only one geode. Geodes can be cracked open by right-clicking them with any pickaxe in the offhand, pickaxe has a change to lose durability, Unbreaking enchantment further decreases the chance. Additionally, for each geode, there is a Geodite of it's type. Geodites are blocks, rock formations with geodes inside them. Geodites are extremely rare, and therefore valuable. Geodite block drops 4-8 geodes upon mining, but can be picked up with a silk touch enchanted pickaxe. By placing a Drill block (crafted with iron, obsidian, comparators and voidquartz block) below it, drill will start producing a single geode per minecraft day, indefinetely, thus making it a slow middle-game ore farm.

Geode drilling

Giant spider

Sorrow Spire

In the Nether, a lonely grim steeple towers above the lava ocean... 

Sorrow Spire is a structure intended to be looted after clearing nether fortresses and before obtaining netherite. It is a stealth-based dungeon with mobs attacking you only if you disturb their peace. It generates at the lava sea level in any Nether biome.

sorrow spire fan art 1
epic fan art by _A1bert_ and Emerald


sorrow spire fan art 2
sorrowsealed fan art by _A1bert_ and Emerald


Vases come in 2 variants: ancient (generate in dungeons and drop some loot, including potsherds) and decorative (crafted with potsherds and clay, drop themselves upon destroying)


Twiffle is a shroom, multiblock organism. Each twiffle block has a hunger and thirst bar, and all adjusted blocks form a network, where nutrients and moisture are distributed. Each random tick, twiffle checks for 'food' or 'water' block next to it and increases respective bar. Twiffle takes as food: logs, leaves, hay bales, bone blocks, fungi and warts. Twiffle takes as water: water, ice, snow, wet sponge. If twiffle block has enough nutrients and moisture, it might spend those to grow a twiffle shroom next to it. These shrooms can be harvested as twiffle lumps, which is a very nutrutios food, granting hunger points of a steak with some bonus saturation. Time to become cave farmers! Twiffle shrooms can be bonemealed to grow twiffle blocks, which can be used to move and expand your twiffle colony. Initial twiffle shroom needed for starting can be found in dungeon chests, caves and purchased from a travelling merchant.

i WOULD add info about all the other features, but this website just isn't letting me to do so. Some random words are 'not allowed'.

Modification files
iterpg-0.4.2a.jar - ITER-0.4.2aUploaded on: 05/26/2023 - 09:56   File size: 14.65 MB


Generic dungeon loottables now exclude shortswords and spears as now they're deleted.

Ranged weapons will use tipped arrows and modded tagged with #minecraft:arrows.

Structures won't generate multiple times in a row

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :D Hands-down one of the best looking mods this year 😍

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This is what the power of MCreator can create when used properly! Good job!

man this mod looks super cool!! all the graphics are super well done

Mod is really nice! but one bug i found, hitting goblins for some reason crashes my game. not sure if its intentional, or just an animation bug.

Did you take some inspiration from the Terraria calamity mod?