Kitten Clash

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Really quick, find the official demo for the mod here:

Do you like bosses?

The thrill of adventure?

The 80's?


If you answered yes to any of those, then welcome to Kitten Clash!

Here, you can fight some cat bosses for epic cat loot, listen to songs sung by cats, and...

...hmm, what else is there?

Oh, yes that's right, the Orb Realm!

The Orb Realm is a place for retired mobs, and where lost memories are kept.

Within said memories, there is loot!

AWESOME! Am I right?

To reach the Orb Realm, smelt Emerald blocks to get Interdimensional Blocks, defeat all of the Fierce Four and craft their Orbs into a Interdimensional Key, then build a portal with Interdimensional Blocks and activate it with a key.

Got all that? Good.

To get recipes for other items, please use Just Enough Items (JEI) Link here:


With that said, there is not much here at the moment, so I am calling out to all my fellow cat lovers...

...what should I add next? Suggest weapons, structures, or... anything really, and they may be added.

If I use one of your ideas, I will give full credit, so don't worry about that.

So, please enjoy!


Modification files
Kitten_Clash(v1).jar - Click me for cats!8.02 MB

V1 - The beginning of a glorious cat filled adventure.