Published by menel on Tue, 11/24/2020 - 23:56
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Coronavirus mod guys:This mod for some reason have cool pack and awesome mobs.

Let me introduce this mod:


Coronavirus:1000 health and it spawn viruses around if doctor or you hit it with anticoronasyringe just press right click to throw potion.

Virus:haha just a simple virus with 10 health

Doctor:He kill corona with syringe but if you help it its gone be good.10 health.

Whenentitydiespawn:anticoronasyringe,doctormask,doctorchest,docleggings and docboots.

Have fun!

Coming Soon:

Diarrhea virus

Vomit virus


Modification files
CoronavirusMod+Stuff-1.15.2.jar - corona!!!325.32 KB

Idk if you speak English or not but this explanation is really, really bad. I don’t even know what all these things do.

syringe cill coronavirus and the armor it's just a detail