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                                                    Szura's EconomY MOD


Transform your Minecraft gameplay with the Realistic Economy mod! This innovative mod brings a complete economic system to the world of blocks, allowing you to dive into a captivating economic simulation as you build, explore, and trade.

Assume the role of a virtual entrepreneur by opening your own shop and selling precious resources to other players. The game's virtual currency comes to life as you engage in business transactions, invest in enterprises, and monitor the fluctuating prices of resources.

Collaborate with friends to establish thriving companies and cities, where economic cooperation is the key to success. On the other hand, competition is also an integral part of this ecosystem, as you compete with other players for control of markets and economic supremacy.

This mod offers:

Dynamic market system: Resource prices are influenced by supply and demand, creating an ever-changing economic environment.
Investment opportunities: Use your virtual savings to invest in projects and reap the benefits of profits.
Multiplayer interactivity: Trade with other players, establish trade agreements, and collaborate to build larger ventures.
Economic challenges: Confront simulated economic crises and develop strategies to overcome them.
Customization: Adjust economic settings according to the gameplay style you desire.

Get ready for an exciting journey into the world of virtual economy with the Realistic Economy mod for Minecraft. Discover how your trading skills and entrepreneurial vision can shape a new aspect of the game, leaving your mark on the universe of blocks!




As soon as you enter the game, you will automatically receive an account with your ID and name. To access it, press M (by default) or the key of your choice if you have changed it.



In the first option, there is a tab labeled (Bank), where you can withdraw or deposit money. Below the tab, you will find international currency, used to purchase block items, etc., from other mods that use SEM as a base. However, be cautious, as when you die, all the money deposited in this option is forfeited.

In this second option, there is the investments tab, where you will buy and sell stocks. The stocks' prices change as the game progresses; they can rise and fall, but they will never turn negative. To earn money, you will need to buy them and sell them when their value increases.


In the third option, there is the lottery tab. There, you will be able to purchase a lucky ticket, and by right-clicking while holding it, you will scratch it to find out if you've won. The prizes are divided into 3 categories: small, medium, and large, with values of 500, 5000, and 500000, respectively. But be cautious, as you might not win and end up losing everything.

In this 4th option, there is the market tab. Here, you will find multiple pages where you can buy and sell items and blocks. There are over 200 items and blocks being traded in the market. However, be cautious, as prices vary according to the game's progression over time, potentially rising or falling. You will receive a notification if the market experiences inflation or deflation.

                Here are some commands for managing administrators:


1) /setglobalinflationplus1
This command increases the cost of all items and blocks in the market by R$ 1.00. You need an administrator level 4 or higher to use it.

2) /setglobalinflationplus10
This command increases the cost of all items and blocks in the market by R$ 10.00. You need an administrator level 4 or higher to use it.

3) /setglobalinflationminus1
This command decreases the cost of all items and blocks in the market by R$ 1.00. You need an administrator level 4 or higher to use it.

4) /setglobalinflationminus10
This command decreases the cost of all items and blocks in the market by R$ 10.00. You need an administrator level 4 or higher to use it.

5) /gamerule randominflation (true or false)
If true, the market will randomly change values during the game, potentially increasing and decreasing values as the game progresses.

6) /gamerule respawncost (true or false)
If this command is activated, every time a player dies, an amount of X will be deducted from their balance.

7) /gamerule setrespawncost
Using this command, you can set a value that the player must pay if they respawn.



                      To use this mod as a dependency for others:



To buy items, use the NBT tag: Internationalmoney:

To Buy:  Use NBT TAG: Internationalmoney

To sell: Use NBT TAG: Integrermoney


ONLY FOR 1.0.1+

To add Inflaction on addons use the NBT NUMBER TAG: inflact





Here is the mod's workspace if you want to modify it, note that you will need the mcreator application to be able to open it

Modification files
SZura's EconomY Mod.jar - 1.0.0 for minecraft 1.19.4Uploaded on: 08/14/2023 - 19:30   File size: 1.41 MB
Szura's economy mod.jar - 1.0.1 for minecraft 1.19.4Uploaded on: 08/17/2023 - 02:58   File size: 1.45 MB
S.E.M.jar - 1.0.3 for minecraft 1.20.1Uploaded on: 09/08/2023 - 00:01   File size: 1.48 MB
s.e.m.jar - 1.0.4 For minecraft 1.20.1Uploaded on: 09/29/2023 - 19:28   File size: 1.48 MB


1) added support for inflation in addons, use the variable NBT Tag: inflact , to form the final price of the item in question, and as soon as the market changes values, the items in the addons market will change together.
2) Bug fixes.
3) visual design improvements.
4) fixed the bug of items being charged 2x
5) Fixed an error that made it impossible to purchase.

6)added optimized support of tags used for addons

7)Improved response time coordinated with the server


This mod is insane! So many functions and things to do. Deserves MOTW. Upvoted!

I like your mod from the functional standpoint, but I think some work could be done to make it more visually appealing. Perhaps try asking for help on that on forums or on unofficial MCreator Discord servers :)

I opened up the base files and there was a random world called "New World". What's up with that?

/gamerule respawncost is labeled as /gamerule respawncoast in the game.