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Posted by: indianajmh
File description: The Sky Realm Update V3 [1.5.6] (11 Mar. 2020) (Latest Update)
File size: 998.72 KB
Total download count (all mod files): 235
Mod changelog:

Version: Alpha 1.5.6 (11 Mar. 2020)

Now on 1.14.4! (Forge: 28.1.117)

Added Features: (70 added mod elements (399 total))

  • Added repair items to sets.
  • Added logo into mod settings.
  • Added sky titan (already exists) to mountains of sky biome.
  • Added super titanium set.
  • Added sky titan summoner (now can only be spawned by this in the overworld.
  • Added sky mansion.
  • Added sky ore/crystal.
  • Added mountain ore/crystal.
  • Added sky ice pickaxe.
  • Added mountain ice pickaxe.
  • Added sky/mountain ice sword recipes.
  • Added fire powder.
  • Added hyper titanium set.

Changed Features:

  • Changed steel battle axe to be a sword.
  • Changed deep ocean biome to dark ocean.
  • Changed dead zone biome.
  • Changed extreme mountains biome.
  • Changed name of sky summoner to sky king summoner.
  • Changed harvest level of mountain ice to 5 and sky ice to 4.
  • Changed super titanium recipe.
  • Changed hyper titanium recipe.
  • Changed sky ice recipe.
  • Changed location of some blocks to advanced tech.
  • Decreased efficiency of steel tools.
  • Increased efficiency of titanium tools.

Removed Features:

  • Removed crafting recipe for sky king summoner.

Fixed Bugs:

  • emb#023: All tools have an incorrect attack speed of 2.8.
  • emb#024: All tools have an incorrect attack damage.
  • emb#025: Emerald shovel has the wrong efficiency.
  • emb#026: Emerald hoe has the wrong durability.
  • emb#027: Hoes have a completely random attack speed.
  • emb#028: Client won't run.
  • emb#029: Mod settings show incorrect update.
  • emb#030: All tools have incorrect attack damage of 2 too high, due to the port to 1.14.4.
  • emb#032: All sets have a random enchantability.
  • emb#033: All ores have a resistance of 10 instead of 15.
  • emb#034: Game crashes when a custom mob is killed.
  • emb#036: Impossible to get cloud to create cloud block variants, especially cloud pillars.
  • emb#037: Some mobs do not drop anything.

Remaining Bugs (Most I don't know how to fix, so please tell. Also, comment any bugs that are not on the list you noticed.):

  • emb#017: When you strike lightning it does not lose durability.
  • emb#019: You can craft emerald tools using emeralds traded from villagers, making it too easy to get the better-than-diamond set.
  • emb#031: Hoes have an incorrect attack speed of 8.
  • emb#035:┬áNew ores do not spawn in the real sky realm.

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