Extensive Minecraft

Published by indianajmh on Sun, 12/09/2018 - 22:32
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This mod adds many new items and tools, extending Minecraft to a new level. The mod includes 329 mod elements so far! Please take note that this mod is in alpha and won't have much content yet. I recommend using not enough items or just enough items to learn crafting recipes or just comment an item and I will give you its recipe. Here is the link to the website (I don't work on it much anymore): https://indianajmh.wixsite.com/extendedminecraft.

The discord server has the latest news about the mod, downloadable updates, and most importantly, snapshots, which aren't available on the Mcreator site (this site). The first three people to join the discord server receives VIP, which gives them bot commands for music and sneak peeks to new updates and snapshots! Here is the invite: https://discord.gg/W7e2hRn.

We recently created a trello so you can see our progress in the mod. Here is the link: https://trello.com/invite/b/aC62cBRf/dd6dcd618d844b163fa2ae77f2b636b9/e…

Future Update News: Work has started. Visit our trello for more information.

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Version 1.0.0.jar - Release [1.0.0] (9 Dec. 2018)128.77 KB
Version 1.3.6.jar - The Gamepay Update V2 [1.3.6] (8 Jul. 2019)580.94 KB
Alpha 1.4.8.jar - The Gameplay Update V3 [1.4.8] (22 Nov. 2019)682.78 KB
Alpha 1.5.1.jar - The Sky Realm Update V2 [1.5.1] (9 Dec. 2019) (Latest Release)807.21 KB

Version: Alpha 1.5.1 (9 Dec. 2019)

Added Features: (47 added mod elements (329 total))

  • Added achievements.
  • Added frozen wasteland biome.
  • Added sky dweller.
  • Added answer stone.
  • Added cloud.
  • Added dark cloud.
  • Added solid cloud.
  • Added cloud brick.
  • Added cloud pillar.
  • Added a new dimension.
  • Added sky summoner.
  • Added cloud stairs.
  • Added cloud block.
  • Added energy rod.
  • Added orb of the realms.
  • Added the Sky King.

Changed Features:

  • Changed blood titanium recipe.
  • Changed mountains of the sky biome.
  • Changed sky realm filler block.
  • Changed height of blacklands biome.
  • Changed energy recipe.
  • Changed mob AI.
  • Increased chance of precipitation in the extreme mountains biome.
  • Increased the rarity of the extreme mountains biome.
  • Increased the rarity of the blacklands biome.
  • Improved mob drop system.

Removed Features:

  • Removed sky ice sword recipe.
  • Removed mountain ice sword recipe.
  • Removed particle effect from sky titan.

Fixed Bugs:

  • emb#012: When you kill a stalker or sky titan you don't get its achievement.
  • emb#022: Biomes wouldn't show names correctly.

Remaining Bugs (Most I don't know how to fix, so please tell. Also, comment any bugs that are not on the list you noticed.):

  • emb#017: When you strike lightning it does not lose durability.
  • emb#019: You can craft emerald tools using emeralds traded from villagers, making it too easy to get the better-than-diamond set. (I know how to fix)

Submitted by 42506 on Mon, 12/10/2018 - 12:08

Please, in picture #2, get rid of the hotbar and item in your hand.(By pressing F1)