Submitted by indianajmh on Sun, 12/09/2018 - 22:32
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This mod adds many new items and tools, extending Minecraft to a new level. The mod includes 228 mod elements so far! Please take note that this mod is in alpha and won't have much content yet. I recommend using not enough items or just enough items to learn crafting recipes or just comment an item and I will give its recipe. Here is the link to the website (I don't work on it much anymore): https://indianajmh.wixsite.com/extendedminecraft. The discord server has snapshots, downloads, news, and jobs! The first three people to join the discord server receives VIP, which gives them bot commands for music and sneak peeks to new updates and snapshots! Here is the invite: https://discord.gg/W7e2hRn.


Future Update News: I have gotten back to working on this mod so updates will be made more often.

To Do List: (Please comment your suggestions!) Add more things to do with the Sky Realm, add more things to do with the advanced tech, and more mobs.

Upcoming Additions: Titanium set, blood stalker, blood crystal, blood titanium, the Void Realm, rubies, ruby ore, and more.

Additions Added For Next Update: Rubies, ruby ore, blood stalker, blood crystals, blood titanium, and more.

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

Version: Alpha 1.3.6 (8 Jul. 2019)

Added Features:

  • Lightning
  • Energy
  • Copper Ingot
  • Copper Set
  • Copper Ore
  • Tin Ingot
  • Tin Ore
  • Bronze
  • Bronze Set
  • Copper Wire
  • More Achievements

Changed Features:

  • Changed power crystal fuel tick event from 26,000 to 56,000.
  • Changed bedrock swords' durability from 4000 to 0 (infinity).
  • Changed emerald set's durability from 2300 to 3000.
  • Changed sky ice sword's durability from 2900 to 5000.
  • Changed mountain ice sword's durability from 3100 to 6000.
  • Changed name of body to chestplate.
  • Changed damage of steel battleaxe from 10 to 11.
  • Changed crystal ore's minimal height from 10 to 8.
  • Changed silver ore's average amount of ore groups per chunk from 5 to 4.
  • Changed copper and tin ore's maximal height from 256 to 128.
  • Changed copper and tin ore's average amount of ore groups per chunk from 8 to 10.
  • Changed copper and tin ore's average number of ores in a group from 7 to 8.

Fixed Bugs:

  • emb#0014: When you try to drink ale nothing happens.
  • emb#0016: When you right-click on crystal ore, silver ore, void block, and flarestone, it gives an inventory space GUI for a split second then the game crashes.

Remaining Bugs (Most I don't know how to fix, so please tell. Also, comment any bugs that are not on the list you noticed.):

  • emb#0012: When you kill a stalker or sky titan you don't get its achievement.
  • emb#0015: When you strike lightning it hurts you.
  • emb#0017: When you strike lightning it does not lose durability.

Submitted by 42506 on Mon, 12/10/2018 - 12:08

Please, in picture #2, get rid of the hotbar and item in your hand.(By pressing F1)